EXPENSIVE Knitting Magazines

Knit Alert $384.89
Knitting International $592.48

Anyone know what makes these so “special”?

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Holy moly! Man, for that kind of $$$, I better become the bestest knitter with those mags!

The Knit! Alert says that it comes with fabric samples:

"Knit! Alert lists hundreds of fashion sketches and flats of the key looks–presented with actual fabric samples and clear, concise key concept areas for each of the four theme groups–and Pantone-matched color palettes. "

I still don’t see why they would cost that much, tho.

Maybe these magazines contain some sort of magical properties??


They may be for industry… and you know when place cater to industry they are more expnsive as a rule…

That’s the only thing I would guess tho

From their web site:

knit!Alert is…a full-colour ‘trend book’ which is more than hundreds of sweater ideas, more than dozens of seasonal patterns for both sweater and circular knits, more than just hundreds of photographs from Pitti Filati and Expofil, more than storefronts and marketplace photography, and more than a CD-ROM with sweater rendering tools for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator®.

hmmm…at least part of that is probably for the included software

It must be an industry journal. They are hideously expensive across the board. DH is a scientist, and some of the journals he reads are in the hundreds of dollars. Thank heavens for libraries!

No wonder fashion designs are so much alike every season if they follow mags like this.