Expensive Day Off

Took today off as there were several appointments I needed to take care of and it turned out being really expensive. One of my garage doors has broken and in talking to the Overhead Door guy I opted for 2 new garage doors nicer than what is already there (hopefully this will help with resale when we put the house on the market). Then had to take my truck to the body shop to have the tail gate painted (old broken garage door scratched it) and while heading to the dealership the check engine light came on and it turns out I need a thermastat which requires draining the coolant… well, as long as you have the truck might as well grease the differentials and change oil in the transfer case since it tripped 100000miles. So I signed off on way too much money there and then took my smokey smelling loaner car and headed off to the grocery store - with the hubby in tow (almost as bad as shopping hungry and with children $$)
Well, guess I’ll go knit and worry about the credit card bill later.

Aw, hugs. I hope knitting helps you de-stress. I just had the thermostat on my 98 Saturn replaced (150K miles). I’m glad you got yours to the dealer before it was a problem–I spontaneously overheated in traffic on 495, dumped all my coolant on the road, and coasted to the breakdown lane in a puff of white smoke. All with my dog in the car; that was a fun wait for a tow truck! :teehee:

Hang in there. Sometimes Mondays just aren’t worth opening your eyes for. At least you’re home and safe… :hug: