Expanding my horizons into crochet

I saw a video from The Knit Witch and it got me started with single crochet. I’ve been practicing for a couple of hours, but I keep decreasing my work. And I AM chaining 1 at the end of each row, so I am not sure what it is I am doing to decrease.

Anyway… I have a couple of questions:
1.) Did I see that there may be crochet videos on this site eventually?
2.)What brand of hooks do you prefer?
3.) What sizes should beginner crocheters buy to crochet scarves and blankets?

Thanks in advance!

I [B][COLOR=“Red”]LOVE[/COLOR][/B] Susan Bates hooks. I never have any problem crocheting with splitty yarn with them, and never drop a loop. They come in a million different sizes and are pretty easy to find. I DON’T think Walmart carries them, but I know A.C. Moore does. If you can’t find them, let me know and i’d be more than willing to send some out your way. :slight_smile:

Sizes? Well, for afghans and things, I tend to stick with a K hook. It’s a nice size, and works pretty fast, though check with your pattern to see if it needs a specific size. It seems to me that most projects use an H hook. I have about a million of them, and yet can never seem to find one when I need one.

Basically, if you’re using worsted weight yarn, stick with an H-K. The smaller the hook, the tighter your work will be, larger will leave bigger holes.

Hope to have helped :slight_smile:

Most of my hooks are Susan Bates. I prefer the metal to the plastic.

For most things, I use an H or a J. Baby stuff gets done in G usually. I do have a P (?) somewhere that I use for double-stranded worsted or extra chunky. The size you use is going to depend on how thick your yarn is, and the tightness of your finished project. For wool soakers, I’ve been using H because I want them tight, but for a scarf from the same wool, I’d probably use a J or larger. None of it is exact.

there are some great videos on www.nexstitch.com

even if you ch1 as the turning chain, you probably need to sc into that first stitch at the base of the ch1, or else, you are decreasing…

have fun with it!

Here in brazil, most of people use 1,25 mm or 2mm hooks and thin lines … At least here where i live (hot hot hot). Other places (south of the country) use more the thicker yarns and hooks

I’ll chime in on the Susan Bates metal hooks. They seem to work best for the way I crochet. Boye don’t grab the yarn quite right for me, but that brand also has very loyal fans.
For items made with lighter yarn, such as Bernat Baby Softee or TLC Baby, I use an H. For worsted, I go up, depending on the pattern or feel of the yarn, to an I or K. A lot depends on whether you crochet loosely or tightly. Use whatever size gives you the look you want.
I watch for half-price sales at Hobby Lobby or Jo-Ann’s. Thankfully crochet hooks are a lot cheaper than knitting needles.
When I first started crocheting, I often missed the last stitch of each row. It helps to count your stitches each row while you are learning to be sure you stay consistent.
You’ll love crochet! Make a few scarves to practice. It takes some time to feel comfortable using one hook after two needles.

Sorry, this has nothing to do with the original question…

What brand of crochet hook do y’all think is being used in these videos? Looks nice… I have a bunch of Boye, but if I see something I think may work better… I am willing to check it out! Especially since I am delving into thread crocheting…


I have to agree on the Susan Bates hooks. I have a ton of both SB and Boye hooks. I sometimes have trouble catching the yarn with the Boye hooks, but never with Susan Bates.

As far as size, I have everything from an N all the way down to a 10 (1.30 MM - tiny tiny hook I use for thread crochet heirloom baby booties). Metal hooks also seem to work better than plastic. Depending on where you are, you can generally pick up a pack of 5 or 6 hooks in sequential sizes from Michael’s. I’ve done this way too many times, I have 2-4 of every size hook.

Although I like Susan Bates Silvalume and Silverado knitting needles, Boye/Wright’s aluminum/steel crochet hooks work best for me. Interestingly, I really prefer the Susan Bates afghan hooks over Boye. I don’t like or use any hooks larger than K and use steel hooks size 8 thru 00 for thread. I don’t like working with double strands of WW yarn.

I have mostly Boye and in WW I think most afghan and scarf patterns would be G-K depending on how tight you want your stitches to be.

I use Boye and I use size J the most. I usually only make afghans in crochet.