Update, this pattern will be published! Stay tuned.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying, but I like the sweater! Why is it a reject? Why are you telling them no? :??

Jan, meaning I submitted this one as a pattern to be published and the editors rejected it. I had to tell my friends, who took the pony picture, “no, this one was not accepted, either.”

I love the sweater!! Did you submit the pattern and get rejected? If so that crazy bc that’s better than alot of pay patterns!

Well that bites! It’s a beautiful sweater!

it’s a very pretty sweater…as a knitter, i’d love to knit it… :inlove:
maybe you could sell it through prior vendors :eyebrow: ? or you can offer it free. i’d say do what will make you happy!

It is quite lovely and even though the companies you submit to obviously have no brains in their head, I know we all think it is beautiful and a winner! I would certainly make it for someone.

I DON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE SENDING YOUR PATTERNS TO BUT THEY MUST BE NUTS I love all of the patterns you have done and think they are just gorgeous.

Boy they must be crazy . Or they need glasses .

Your pattern is lovely. I would make it .

It’s a gorgeous sweater, and fits you beautifully. Obviously whoever rejected your pattern has no taste whatsoever!


Cannot imagine WHY it would be rejected!!!

I say SELL IT!!!

I have to agree with this one. The stuff you knit is AWESOME. :notworthy:

Good grief the publisher must have been blind. I say sell it. Then let me know so I can book mark where you sell your stuff. I love the things you post because they look like things I could wear without having to go through the geisha binding for them to look good!

That’s crazy…I agree with the others… your patterns are wonderful and they should have grabbed that up… I say sell it…I think many many would buy that… great fit and I love the sleeves…:thumbsup:

Well, poop on them! :grrr: Evidently they need glasses, a brain transplant or something. Very lovely sweater–beautiful color and great detailing. :thumbsup:

i agree with what everyone else has said. that pattern is stunning

I LOVE the sweater! I’d like the pattern! I don’t see why it would be rejected!!!

MAJOR Ditto!!! Beautiful sweater.

I love this pattern. Please let me know what you decide to do sell or free pattern. Either way I am interested.

Considering more than half of the knitting patterns I see out there are hideous, I’m shocked that a company would reject any of your beautiful, wearable patterns. Keep knitting and designing and you’ll succeed!