Excuses Excuses

What’s the best one you’ve heard for not wanting to learn how to knit?

“I’m not patient enough to knit” :roll:

“I would never have the time to knit” :rollseyes:

“I’m not that coordinated.”

My response: “You used to not be able to tie your shoes either, but I see you manage that okay now.”

Or, “I could never do that!”

“I could never find the time. I’m too busy with X, Y, Z.” usually said with a condescending look, as if I must be really pathetic if I don’t have X, Y And Z filling up every spare moment and have latched on to knitting in desperation. (grrr)

I’ve heard the one about not being coordinated too. as if knitting is magic or something!

“I don’t think thats something that fits into who I am.”

So what are you saying? You aren’t intelligent? Creative? A good person? Everyone I know who knits is all 3 of those.

I used to use “I’ve tried… I just can’t figure it out…”

But that was before I had some motivation and this website :muah:

I think everyone is entitled to their own hobbies/interests. Not everyone wants to learn how to knit and that does not make them less creative. Their are many hobbies that I have no interest in either (ship modeling comes to mind).

Also, there are many people that just don’t have the patience or coordination. I think it IS a valid excuse.

I’m allergic to Wool!

which I reply… really? Aren’t you glad there’s now cotton, bamboo, silk… so many wonderful other fibers… which would you like to choose 1st to use?


I know… I’m bad

Just a quick disclaimer, this wasn’t meant to be a knock on those who produce these excuses. But, there is a big difference between someone who really is not coordinated enough to knit, and someone who doesn’t want to challenge him/herself. I think everyone feels uncoordinated the first time they knit, but, like any other skill, it takes practice to get used to it.

That’s the one I’ve heard the most.

I think we all know that and understand it. It was only a request for responses we’ve had and was in no way intended to say that everyone should learn to knit.

Let’s be careful not to turn this into anything, but what it is. :wink:

me too.

It looks so difficult!

That stuff is so old-lady looking! (In my classroom at Michaels, the old lady that teaches knitting now has some UGLY samples up!)


My SIL asked me to teach her to knit. After some time she was still very nervous and afraid to do the wrong thing. Thinking to help her relax and enjoy the task I said,“Don’t worry so much about making a mistake. There is nothing that can’t be fixed or just frogged back past the mistake.” She said,“You’d do all this work and then just rip it out?” I replied, “Yes, if there was a mistake, no big deal.”

She put down the needles and said, “Well, this is just not for me.” She has still not attempted knitting again and I still can’t figure out what I said wrong. This is one talented lade too. She is a wiz with a sewing machine and her home looks like a magazine layout.

My son said to me “No way, that’s for girls” and dddh said " He was good with the cross stitch, he didn’t need another hobby."

“I could never sit still that long; I’d be so BORED!”


Looking through all those responses has really made me smile, cose if i thought like that i’d have never even picked up the needles :slight_smile:

I’ve got dyslexia and dyspraxia, which means i have a short attention span and my co-ordination isn’t that good, but if i can do it then surely other people can.
That’s the great thing about knitting, it helps to focus you and increase concentration plus also helps with counting and stuff. I know somedays i don’t feel like knitting but most of the time i’d been boucing off the walls without it as it’s a form of stress relief etc.

I understand some people just don’t have the patience, but i get bored doing nothing so it gives me something to do whilst sitting at the comp or chatting or watching t.v

Hazel x