Hey everyone,

Being VERY new to knitting, (started last week) I am very excited to have found this website. I can’t wait to keep on learning. So Far, SO GOOD!

Just wanted to say HI.

Gina :cheering:

:waving: Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

:waving: Welcome, Gina!!

Welcome! In no time we’ll have you knitting socks! :smiley:

Welcome to your new addiction!

Welcome! Knitting rocks! :cheering:

Great to have you here!

Time to update your household budget to include purchases of yarn, needles, patterns, etc., etc., etc.!

Rule of thumb: calculate the amount of your disposible income, then double it and you’ll come up with your knitting budget! :lol:


Yay! Welcome. This board is such a great resource!


Hooray, you sound just like me when i found this place…it’s the greatest!

Welcome :heart: