Excess Yarn on WR

Hi all,

I’ve been knitting for a couple of months now. I’ve knitted a washcloth and am now working on a baby blanket for a coworker’s nephew. I’ve been working on this blanket for a while. The pattern for the blanket only calls for Garter stitches and requires switching needles between sizes 13 and 3.5 and stitching 7 rows on each size needle. I’ve got up to so far and keep on redoing it. The reason for that is because whenever I knit on the size 13 needle, there’s always an excess yarn on the Wrong side (the back side that’s not facing me). At first, I didn’t think anything of it but then when it got to the end of the row, the excess yarn was too much that slipping it off, without knitting the first stitch, and tightening it doesn’t really help. So, I’m VERY frustrated this is happening to me. :crying:

I know this isn’t normal because when I saw someone else knitting, this doesn’t happen to them. Please tell me how to avoid/prevent having the excess yarn on the WR. I’m very frustrated on how to fix this problem.

Please all – help me. :frowning:

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What do you mean an excess? Can you take a photo?

Do you mean that the entire side has too much yarn? It could just be the difference between the smaller and larger needles. :thinking:

I’m not quite sure I am picturing what you mean. The stitches on the wrong side are loose? Or the edge is loose? When you say WR, do you mean Wrong Side? Or Wrong Row?

Hi Jan,

Thank’s for replying to my post so fast.

I’m unable to take a photo. But I’m going to try to explain it to you.

I’d knit my first stitch, the new stitch I make, not the loop on the needle, but the loop where the yarn is coming from, that loop is loose. I make all kind of attempts in tightening it but no luck. It’ll still be loose. That goes on and on and on and @ the end of the row, I have this big loop (excess) that I can’t tighten, so it looks funky. I hope this explanation gives you a better idea.

I don’t know how I else I could explain it, I’m not familiar w the terminology in knitting, just yet.


Hi Ingrid,

Thanks for replying to my post so fast.

  • Do you mean that the entire side has too much yarn?
    Pretty much. And this happens when I’m using the same size needle, the 13 size needle. I’m using 3.5 size needle right now, and it doesn’t happen on 3.5 size needle. If it only happens when switching needles, that’s completely unavoidable. But it happens when using the same size needle. This also happened when I knitted the washcloth but since that was my first project, I thought it was normal. But this time around, when I’ve done and redone the blanket several times and this happens every time, I’m thinking something’s not right. I’m not doing something right, please help me fix it.


Hi CarmenIbanez,

Thanks for replying to my posting so soon.

The stitches on the Wrong side are loose. I tried loosening my tension, doesn’t help, the stitches became looser, and tightening it doesn’t help either. So, I’m stuck.