Excellent website

Just learned about this site. Has a large index for all sorts of issues.

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Oh! Yes, that is a very good site. It can be very technical (hence the name), but she has a lot of info for many things. We’ve recommended them often. :slight_smile:

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Will check that out

Two of my favorite resources for knitting cables, etc. is knittingfool.com which allows you to find a stitch pattern both by the length of the repeat and also its width. It has many categories to search for finding what is available. It has charts on some patterns but written instructions on all.

Another one I recently discovered is cableknittingstitches.com which offers some great patterns for free but so far most do not have charts. The pictures are excellent. It is organized more as a blog by month of pattern submission but if you dig a bit, there are some real gems.

I am making a cable afghan currently and am not as fond of some of the cable patterns so have been doing some experimenting.

Of course, everyone knows about ravelry.com but if you are more focused on a certain aspect of knitting, it is very handy indeed. Sometimes I don’t want to invest in a pattern, just try it out and see if it is going to work.



Thank you! I look forward to checking out those web sites!

Thank you I am always looking for websites that will help to expand my knowledge in the world of knitting. I am also an individual who surfs the net for interesting patterns the majority of the time that are free and downloadable. I have found that many of the yarn brand websites have patterns to share. If anyone is interested I would be happy to post some of the websites. Happy 4th to everyone have a safe holiday

I would greatly appreciate that. It would be a wonderful sticky post and something we all could use when perplexed and not able to find what we know we saw somewhere. I know I get obsesses. I often can figure the stitch out, but sometimes I am not so lucky.

I was on the lace kick for a long time, now I am exploring all I can do with cables. Then when done with the Great American Afghan, there is a Celtic Afghan 2 on Ravelry, I am thinking about making, which combines both great cables with lace.

Thank you for the websites, Bluejaygirl5 and sallybode.

You are so welcome! I too love learning about new sites
And new tips and tricks to knitting.

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