Excellent knitting calculations resource!

Here is a great website I just discovered with lots of calculators for things like spacing increases/decreases evenly across a row, spacing buttonholes, converting grams-ounces and my personal favorite, estimating yardage required for a rectangular item (scarf or whatever).

Enjoy, and I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me!

That is a great site! Thank you.

You are now my bestest friend ever! :happydance: No but seriously thanks for posting that :slight_smile:

Oh yeah :thumbsup: , thanks !

:smiley: I’ve always loved that site…I love the internet, u can find the answer to virtually any question :smiley:

Thanks! I’ve got it bookmarked now!

Thanks for sharing. I bookmarked it too!! :smiley:

Great find!! That will come in handy! :happydance:

This SO rawks! THanks :cheering:

Thank you! :thumbsup:

Be sure to check out Lucia’s nifty pattern generators if you haven’t already – they are so cool.


Thanks so much! I’ll be using that quite a bit!