Yeah…I heard about that…it is truely gross…

That is why we knit our own!

I’m glad I shave my head down to stubble now.

:shock: Ewww. Now that’s what I call extreme recycling! :passedout:

No surprise from a country that has poisoned over 13,000 of their own children from inferior food manufacturing.
Just think of the many people who held those hair things in their mouths while they pulled their hair up to secure it! :ick:


Just sickening. What will they find next?

:ick: Ugh so disgusting. I don’t even know what to say to that. they seriously revaluate who does their quality control.

I don’t see why it’s so gross… they say they are using the factory rejects… it gets confusing but it seems pretty clear they aren’t using actually USED condoms… How would they even GET used condoms? lol


if you read the last paragraph it said “it was confirmed that rubber bands had been fashioned from bits of [B]used and abandoned[/B] or low-quality condoms rejected by the factory”

that is what is disgusting. Don’t know and don’t want to know where they are getting the used and abandoned condoms.

:passedout: :passedout: :passedout: :passedout:
I have bery long hair and use hair bands EVERY day, I am definately going to start cutting them and checking.

Oh My God… that is so horrifying!!!:ick: :passedout:

"Many sellers have refused to reveal where they got their products and whether they had been made from recycled condoms, saying it was commercial secret.
But insiders said some of the rubber bands and hair ties could have been made from imported overseas rubbish. Local entertainment venues were also said to have contributed condoms."

Ya know all countries don’t have the means to make the finest quality hair bands. Let’s not disparage a whole country because they have more poor people trying to make a buck. Some might say we’re a country using war to make a buck.

Sadly in China it isn’t the poor people who are making a buck, they continue to live work and be paid on a sub standard scale.

This is China they’re talking about not Malawi.
Anything you want to say bad about us can be said many times worse for China, including war.

:ick: Holy --it!!! Used condoms? Can they really transmit anything after being re-cycled? Gosh, we need an expert to “chime in” on this one!!!:shock:

I would think the end consumer would not be in that much of a risk. I know HepB and C will live on hard surfaces for less than 7 days and HIV starts to die as soon as it hits air. The other uglies like warts, gonorrhea and the like I’m not sure of, it’s been awhile since I had to take any cross contamination classes since i got out of dentistry about 8 years ago. I’m guessing they die off pretty quick too and if I remember correctly it was HepB that was the one who lived longest on hard surfaces. For what it’s worth, it is pretty hard to acquire any of the big guys like HIV and HepB,C unless you have a pretty direct means of transportation like needle stick, open sore, etc. It’s not to say it can’t happen though.
I would think those that collect these goodies from the entertainment venues and such that they are getting them from would have a higher chance of infection of some sort unless they are geared up pretty good against exposure and I’m betting they aren’t.
At any rate, anything made from used condoms is gross no matter what type of picture you want to paint of it. One has to think who was the first person to suggest that idea and how did they even think of it?:ick:

I asked a Internal Med Dr that I worked with what the risk was and he siad other than it being gross, not much. He did say that the “workers” who handle them are at a greater risk than consumers, assuming the condoms are “fresher”:passedout:

But I am happy to report I went on a rampage cutting up an assortment of elastic bands from my hair box and didn’t find a condom in any of them!!!