Evil Afghan!

Hi, I am knitting this afghan–> http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/70380AD.html?noImages=0 except I cast on 125 stiches instead of 80. I am using caron 1 pound royal blue yarn, on size 11 cable needles. Right now I’m in a spot of trouble, I am about38 rows in (7-8 inches) and the sides of the afghan are curling in on the first two stitches of both sides. I am doing exactly what the pattern says, but I was wondering if this is supposed to happen, because thats not what I bargined for! Any ideas?

So you have a garter stitch border around a stockinette stitch panel?

It may be that you need a wider border since you increased the overall width of afghan. It’s a pain (although less of one than frogging the whole thing), but you can drop the stitches on the edge, run them all the way back down and pick them up again in the border pattern… I’d probably do a 4 or 5 stitch border rather than 2.

It does happen, you may need more than 2 sts in garter on each edge. The caron yarn is thinner, and the thickness of the Lion yarn help keep it from curling as much too.

hmmmm ok that sucks… I was just looking at the picture again and LOL the sides are curled in on that to so… I dont know, maybe lion was just like “whatever, its an afghan” so increase in garter should fix it, but whats more better, just doing it with a curled edge and being done with it, or going back and possibley fixing it, possibley just doing more work?

It’s up to you - what do you feel like doing, can you live with curled edges?

I have an afghan made by a friend that is over 30 years old and still going. How do you think you’ll feel in future years about what you decide to do with the edges curling.