Eveyone loves KP yarn (cute baby pics)

These are pics of my 15 month old Nat enjoying the feel of KP Andean treasure. Sorry pics are soooo big.

Lindsey, Nat is adorable AND wise in the ‘ways of yarn’… :wink:

Looks like you need to make him a ‘lovey’ with that! :wink:

oh that pic proves he knows his yarn. You know he could do an ad for them. What a cutie patootie.

you should send those to the people at knitpicks… they might put in on their site!

:roflhard: :heart: :roflhard: :heart: :roflhard:

Awwww! :heart:

Thank you Nat!!! :heart: You just made my yarn decision for me!!! I am picking that yarn for Brandy’s throw!!! WTG Nat!!!

That’s what I thought too. They’re sooo adorable!! Even if they don’t use them, I’m sure they’ll enjoy seeing the pics!

:heart: beautiful baby!!! :heart:

Too cute! Thanks for sharing!

soooo cute!!! :heart: They should definatly use that one thier site. Completely adoreable! :cheering:

I do think he has stuck his claim on that skien though. Hope you weren’t gonna use it to make something for someone else. He looks fairly attached.lol :inlove: