Everyone needs theese

I was searching around on E Bay and found the cutest buttons, about knitting, yarn, crochet, everything. They even have Guys who knit are sexy and such. The store name is EMBLAZON YOURSELF
I think everyone needs two or three for their knitting bags.:happydance:

I tried to find the store but had no luck. Can you post a link. I always need cool buttons.


Sorry about that. http://stores.ebay.com/EMBLAZON-YOURSELF

They even have Knit Fast Die Warm and my favorite KNITPHOMANIAC :slight_smile:

Those are great - thanks for sharing. I did not realize that you could get most of them as buy it now at first, so I bid on 2 of them… but then I got a couple as buy it now.

Thanks for sharing. They will look great on my knitting bags!

Those are cute - several I’d like to have.

I did think shipping was steep - $2/ for the first one then a quarter for each additional. You can probably ship 4-5 for the original $2.

They have to pay for packaging as well. Thats why it’s only .25 for more.