Everyone needs a good laugh!

So last night I was laying in bed trying to decide if I wanted to start a new book, watch tv, or knitt. So I decided I’d give my DPN’s and my sock another go. I decided to FROG what little I had and start over again. I did this SEVERAL times last night and I could feel my frustration. So I got up and got a drink and sat back down and said “ok i’m going to try this one more time and if I can’t get it, I’ll stop tonight”. My husband is laying next to me, just kind of watching, but not saying anything.

I get it all casted it, seperated onto the needles and he goes “wow, that looks complicated”. I just kind of smiled and kept going. FINALLY I figured out what I was doing wrong, I wans’t moving the yarn correctly when I went to purl and it caused me to have extra stitches, yarn over’s I think. I was so pleased with myself. He reached over to kiss me and I almost pocked him in the eye. He goes, wow those things really dangerous. I kind of laughed and kept going. Not long after, I had taken my glasses off as they were bothering me when trying to knit and almost poked myself in the eye. He laughs and wanted to know if we had insurance for those things…MEN…

LOL. Just a little laugh on my first real experience with my DPNs!


:rofling: maybe it was a man who decided we shouldn’t be allowed to take needles on flights after all grin

:smiley: Dpns can be dangerous…ask my doxie, who no longer tries to jump on my lap when I’m using dpns :shock:

Considering I rest my dpns against my chest while knitting with them, I’m always at rish of stabbing myself with them! I can see an episode of CSI now, suicide by dpn!!!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

OK, I’ve posted this before, but I can’t resist repeating…

My husband calls me Edward Scissorhands when I use DPNs. Makes me laugh every time.



For some reason, men are fascinated by DPNs… :thinking:

I think anyone that doesn’t knit is fascinated with DPNs. I love to knit with those in public. I hear all kinds of comments.

Whenever we go out together, my husband always says, “Bring something to knit with those little needles. I like it when you knit with those.” He’s so funny.

ok NOW i’m gonna havta try and do something on dpns… thanksalot! :wink:
i loved that last one carolina red… hehe & scissorhands killed me!

my brother asked me to call him a dickie… i mean MAKE him a dickie (hehe, couldnt resist) he works for the post office & freezes his skinny lil neck off… i doubt that i’ll NEED the dpns for that… but hey… any excuse for new needles is a good excuse in MY book!

oops i double’d it (the post not the needles) sry :oops:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

That is a very cute story! Thanks for sharing