Everyone in the Southeast Ok?

Just wanted to check one everyone after the deadly tornadoesthat came through the Southeast!

I’m okay. I’m in Southeast Missouri, so we were spared the worst, but we had quite a few tornado warnings throughout the evening and very, very strong winds! I can’t wait to hear how the others fared.

The storms blew just about 30 miles west of me and cam across going East. They were pretty bad to drive in. Got caught in quarter size hail and my car was moving around when in park and it was SO green, but, I thank god that we didn’t get any of the horrible stuff that everyone East got. God bless them all that were affected in any way.

I’m here too. I live at the southeast base of a fairly steep hill so bad weather from the north and west is deflected–only lost a couple large limbs off a dying tree, tho’ there was a tornado 30 miles north that caused 3 deaths.

Ditto on the “God bless them all that were affected…”, in addition to the death toll there are those left behind to grieve and others who lost everything they had.

Prayers for you all down there.:pray:

I just saw the photos on the net. I hope everyone are ok and i’m praying for those who lost their loved ones and lost their homes.

We flew over those storms on our way home from Oregon. The ride was very bumpy but the light show from all the lightening was beautiful. It wasn’t until we landed in New Orleans that we learned how bad all those storms were. We arrived to our home about 3am and the weather radio was going off every 15 minutes all through the night. We were SO tired, but knew better than to turn our radio off. Fortunately, we only had strong thunderstorms and were under a tornado watch through about 10 am the next day. It’s so sad to see how many people lost their lives from these storms. It always makes me wonder if they had weather radios and if they’d had them would it have made a difference.

Oh, Michelle, I have wondered the same thing! So sad!!

Glad you and yours are okay!