Everyone else was doing it

It’s peer pressure I tell ya. I wanted to try the Silver’s palindrome hat. It was my first try at cables and I must say I’m in love. I think I’ll add cables to everything I knit from here out! I didn’t have the proper size needles in anything but straights so I knit it flat and seamed up the back. I also got a little rushed toward the end and didn’t follow the decrease directions, but I’m very happy with it. It was a terrific pattern!

It’s for me, but Samantha, her corny self, modeled for me :slight_smile:

Great job! I also love doing cables.

Nice hat and cute model! I like the colors in the hat, too.

:thumbsup: Great job on it! I’m halfway done with mine.

You did a very nice job!

Where can I get this pattern - I LOVE IT! I want the peer pressure to - its just such a cute hat - & I love the colors of that yarn! Good job!

Pattern is here http://www.cometosilver.com/patterns/ along with a matching scarf.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: The yarn is Patons Classic Wool Merino the colorway is wedgewood and I loved it :slight_smile:

That is adorable…off to check out the pattern :wink:

:thumbsup: it looks great!!

Love it!! Samantha’s a cutie, too :slight_smile:

Looks terrific!

Great job on the cables. Looks good!

Looks great!