EVERYONE! Don't forget Earth Hour tonite

Stand up for Mother Earth! :heart:
Turn off your lights and other nonessential electricals between 8 and 9 PM (your own local time) this evening. That’s in only another hour!
Luckily, my needles are manual.

Thanks for posting this! I participated, turned out the lights, lit some candles and me and the kids told each other ghost stories…lol…Was a lot of fun!

I did! Had a bit of a doh moment when I realized I had started the dishwasher at 7:50. It was quickly paused. We lit a few candles and played cards. It was fun!

We took part too. I was going out with the girls I lived with in university and we had to try to get ready before hand and then played some cards and then went back to getting ready again at 9. I think it was a great idea. A lot of people keep saying “well, how much power would that really save?” and it’s actually A LOT, but one of the most important aspects is that it creates awareness and gets people to think about turning the lights off.