Everybody say Hi to Dustina

She has just found us. She just started knitting this weekend and I think she is still lurking around here somewhere!



Git yer knittin’ butt in here, Dusitna!!! :mrgreen:

Hi everyone!! Thank you for the welcome!! I went out this weekend picked up some needles and yarn decided I was gonna teach myself… I had picked up a video from the library but had trouble understanding it so went a searchin’ online and found this site and boom it all made sense!! Well it does so far… After casting on I don’t know how many times yesterday I finally moved to doing the basic knitting stitch lol my goal is by fall to be able to make myself a poncho!! My little boy wanted to know if I was going to make all his clothes from now on lol i told him no but if I get good maybe I’ll make him a Christmas sweater!! As you can tell I ramble and type as I talk andddd have a bit of run-on sentences in me… Again thank you so much for the welcome :slight_smile:

Well, let me invite you, then, to start your own blog thread where you can ramble away about knitting or anything else, and where most grammatical errors are completely forgivable! :thumbsup:

Welcome to this fourm and to knitting!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: i’m so happy to have a run on sentence rambling friend…my goodness…a clone!!! :roflhard: :roflhard:
j/k…welcome dutinac…great to have u! u will enjoy, u will learn, u will have lots & lots of fun…but…just between me & u…watch out for that kellyk girl :— there are problems :— lurking within her…just ask anyone… :— i would never say so if it weren’t :— so!! just kidding again, of course, messing with kelly, for some unknown reason :thinking: is something that i can’t control… :crying: sorry kel…it’s cause she’s the best :wink:
welcome, welcome, my new knitting friend…look forward to getting to know you :waving:

Thanks, Rebecca…I think? :??

Hiya, Dustina :waving: Glad you have joined the “posse”!

Welcome, young grasshopper! :slight_smile:

Hi Dustina! Welcome to the knuthouse. :wink:

Hi :waving: Dustina You’ll enjoy it here. It’s a great place.

Hi Dustina! Welcome, it’s good to ‘meet’ you. I can’t wait to see some of your knitting and hope you can join us in chat soon. We’re always ready to answer questions, and it’s so much fun to talk live!

Welcome to Amys :XX: site. Congrads on learning how to :XX: .

I see you are from Ohio. I am going to Marion Ohio in June.

Happy :x: