Every row looks like purling

So I resolved to learn to knit…and I’m already having problems.

I can cast on well, and knitting the continental way seems easy enough. I’ve always had so much trouble with english, and this seemed really easy. I got started, and the stitches just flew off after one slightly messy first row. I thought, hey, I’m doing pretty good. Then I looked down at my work.

my question: why does every row look like purling?

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You’re probably doing garter stitch. If you knit every row, you will get ridges–this is because the back of the knit stitch is a purl and the back of a purl stitch is a knit. What you’re looking at is basically a row of knit and a row of purl, perfectly acceptable garter st.

If you want the knits on all one side and the purls on the other, you need to knit one row and purl one row. Then all the knit stitches end up on one side and all the purls are on the other.

I wondered if that was it, but I always was told stockinette was easiest, and stockinette is what everything looks like, and…well, I figured easiest meant it was all the same stitch! ^^
Thanks much. Now I must master purling!