Every fourth row?

I have another question about my knitted cherry pie. http://telastudio.com/pattern.html

Here are the directions in question:
Continue in St st. decreasing 1 stitch on each side, 1 stitch in from the end for EOR twice then every fourth row until 3 stitches remain. K3tog and fasten off. Use a left leaning decrease (k2tog) for left side and right leaning decrease for right side (ssk).

When it ways ‘every fourth row’ does each ‘set’ of rows of four start after the first two decreased rows? Or do you count those when counting the sets of four? I know that probably sounds confusing, but I hope you can make sense of it! If this makes it any easier, here is another representation of my question. I know that the row numbers aren’t actually the first, second, etc rows of the pattern, but since these are the only rows in question, I’ll just refer to them that way.

row 1: decrease at each end
row 2: decrease at each end
row 3: st st
row 4: decrease at each end?

row 1: decrease at each end
row 2: decrease at each end
row 3: st st
row 4: st st
row 5: st st
row 6: decrease at each end?

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Every Other Row twice and every fourth row would look like this



Thank you!


I’ve run into a lot of patterns that seem abbreviated almost to the point of nonsense. But I learned to read through it first, and if I felt that I needed it, to write it all down in long-hand so that I could make sense of each step.
Just like Ingrid explained it, is how I write it out from those wacky directions. Sure, it makes for a lot of extra pages in my journal, but next time I go for that pattern, it’s all ready for my style of knitting.