Ever Tried Illusion Knitting?

I’m sure you’ve all seen the cool illusion knit scarf on Knitty Gritty. It looks so complicated, but soooo cool. I’d love to try it, but I don’t quite get it. Maybe there’s a video (other than Knitty Gritty’s) or book out there to help me.

there is also the illusion scarf in the first SnB book, and for years, there was a girls sweater with illusion hearts in front panal, and finally InKnitters a few years ago had illusion knits tutorial, and a pattern for a G-clef and some notes on a scale

i’ve made the alien scarf… but wasn’t impressed enough with illusion knitting to do more.
still it is fun to knit on the subway… other passengers see (and then don’t see the pattern (illusion) and its fun to watch them try and figure out, is there or isn’t there an alien being knit into the scarf!

illusion knitting isn’t too complicated. it’s basically 2 rows per color and the first row is always knit across. the second row is where the pattern comes in… if you purl across it will make stockinette and stockinette is “flat”. if you purl some and knit a few… the knits will make garter stitch and pop out on the right side.
and then you switch to the other color and knit across for the first row and on the second row you can usually just do the exact opposite of the previous color. so… in the previous color you “purl some and knit a few” … this time you’ll “knit some and purl a few”

once you start doing it it makes sense. =) good luck!

[color=blue][/color] I bought an old magazine with a bunch of pictures of illusion patterns, pretty interesting. Funny about the subway! I think I’d like to try it sometime. ( a pattern not the subway) l :teehee: [color=blue][/color]

Just did a stripes/squares pillow. Very easy to do, not as easy to see, and very hard to take a picture!