Ever think that shopping is a hassle?

That it’s getting even more crowded when you’re out shopping? Or… Ever look and look for something and just can’t find what you want to buy?

Well, I live in Seoul, South Korea and I finally took my camera out to take photos of just one tiny area of a market that I shop in/at/etc.

So, sit back and enjoy the convience of malls… but, then again… I do get to experience that ‘search and seize’ method of shopping-- since, you just have to accept the fact that if you want it… you’d better buy it now. :whoosh:I opened up a flicker photo account so I can be ready when I finally get an email from raverly… in ole about… 5 months or so? :roflhard:

Anyway, here some photos… just click on the photos for a larger view. http://www.flickr.com/photos/13700886@N04/

Yep, every time I go grocery shopping! I absolutely HATE :!!!:it-although I do love to cook. I have organized myself enough that I only have to go grocery shopping every two weeks.

Now, yarn shopping :woot: That’s a TOTALLY different story. :wink:

Edited to Add:

DUH! I clicked your link but the pictures didn’t come up for me (work computer may have filtered) so I thought we were talking about shopping in general. Yes, I left my brain in my other purse.

DID you look at the photos? I have a photo of my ‘yarn shop’… that I use… :smiley:

I should put some photos of inside the yarn market… …

I only shop every 2wks as well… I have for the last 7yrs :teehee:…still have to run out for milk or bread…but for the most part I have it down… cause I tend to buy extra meals for just in case I don’t feel like fixing what I have scheduled…this Friday will be 3wks…and dh just has to pick up bread, milk, lunch meat and I should be able to make it till next Friday :teehee:…I don’t like shopping…

Thanks for sharing the photos…very interesting… I had to giggle the way it’s set up with the kittens and bunnies…

Thanks for the pictures, I found it fascinating!


Yes, I just happened upon that cage in time to see a little bunny hop to the front of the cage… and a little kitty… saw him immediately and did a little ‘PLAY slap at the bunny’ w/ the long kitty reaching arms… right in that bunny cage.’

It was so funny… I laughed out loud.

those are amazing pictures! I’d be totally overwhelmed, and I love to shop!!! Too. many. shoes. and I’m picturing trying to take Kayleigh walking through “toy alley”… “don’t touch!” “look with your EYES not your HANDS!” “don’t run off without me!” “no we are not buying more toys!!” LOL

I can’t wait to show the kids after we finish school (before then will cause mayhem. We visited their dad for a month when he was working in Ulsan. We went up to Seoul for the week. The kids loved the markets in Seoul and how they were segregated. I prefered shoping in Ulsan as there were fewer people yet still too many. Had the company allowed it would have moved over in a heartbeat though. We loved it there.

While we were there- my friend ‘got distracted’ and was no longer in sight… (I wasn’t worried- she does this sometimes)
and… I went to the ‘intersection’ because I knew that she’d have to go back that way for us to get back on the subway.

Of course, later we realized that we couldn’t find each other because of the crowds and the cars/vans in the road… blocking our view.

While I was standing there… (already had the injured thumb- so, I didn’t have knitting w/ me) waiting for her… this Korean boy about 12 years old… was yelling the Korean word for ‘mom’… very loudly… so, after about 15 minutes of waiting for my friend…

I loudly yelled out, “JANIE!” Apparently, (from all the stares that I got directed my way… ok, maybe it was because all conservation stopped?) I realized that it’s OK for children (no matter the age) to do this… but, it is not appropriate for an ADULT FEMALE “AMERICAN no LESS” to do this! :roflhard:

Hey, I was just doing what he was doing!

Thanks for sharing!
It’s like looking at a Mexican market in a different language :slight_smile:


Yes, I did talk to the kitties… and petted them, as best as I could, through the wire cages. I wanted to take them home- but, I can’t have pets in my apartment.

Whenever, I go to that market… I always make sure that I go and see the pets for sale.

These are awesome pictures!!! :cheering: I would love to see pictures of inside the yarn market! :teehee:

I absolutely hate shopping. Whether it’s in malls, or markets, or anything. Just hate it. I never find what I want. :wall:

I can handle grocery shopping but the crowd at the mall tends to be a major PITA. I like going to the LYS because it isn’t crowded.

Neat pictures. I would like to venture into the yarn market. Those shoe stores look pretty fun too. Actually, I’d probably have a good time shopping there. I hate the mall but would find some place like you posted a fun place.

I don’t think I’ll ever complain about shopping ever again.

My social anxiety kills me at the mall… Are all of the places pictured open air markets? I think maybe the fresh air would make shopping a bit more enjoyable. What happens when it rains?

The umbrellas… How do you choose? And the shoes… oh the shoes… sigh

Most of the shops… display their items outside… but, you can go inside and shop too.

When it rains? Some stores have ‘awnings’ on the outside of their shops and if they do- they can still put items outside- just not as much as they usually would on non-rain days.

Thank you for the photo’s. My daughter was born in Korea. She is adopted and was escorted to the US, so I have never been there. I will show them to her later. When she is a bit older I’m hoping that she and I will go to Korea on a family tour. She will like to see how different and busy the streets look there.

You’re welcome… I’ll try to find some more photos… to put up… Korea is a city full of differences… we are a modern city… w/ skyscrapers… yet… turn the corner and you’ll see things from the past still being used for daily tasks.

I love to go to Toy Alley… I buy things to use in my classroom when I’m teaching elementary classroom. I get them neat erasers and other things for the ‘good behavior prize drawings.’

Thanks for sharing the photos. I lived in Singapore when I was younger (elementary school) and those pictures brought back so many memories. And that yarn store! :inlove: If they also had cots and food, I could stay there at least a week…maybe more.