Ever stay up past your bed time in order to knit more?

I stayed up waayyy too late last night, starting this:

Ever stay up way too late just to knit? :roflhard: :knitting:

Nope. I’m a nazi about bedtime. 10pm and I’m in bed. However, I have called off work so that I could get a project done in time for christmas.

I have. Lots of times I can’t sleep so I will pull out my knitting.

I haven’t stayed up late to knit, but I stay up too late to read way too often. :lol:

That’s a good beginner scarf. :thumbsup:

I had some more mystery yarn that had tangles, so I spent about an hour detangling it before I started the scarf. I’m tired now from staying up past midnight. Yawwwn.

Aren’t we a wild bunch?

Oh yeah, especially if I’m running behind on a deadline to knit a gift.

One thing I don’t do at night is pick colors. I save that for when I have natural light. I even go outside when possible to compare them.

Way too many times! I tell myself just one more row, and we all know how that ends….
Dozing off at work the next day and doing a nose dive into keyboard & monitor at work!

I have stayed up way to late to untangle balls of yarn…

I’ve stayed up late to knit and read and watch old movies. Not so much anymore, but when I was younger, oh yeah, did I :slight_smile:

Yep! I have stayed up past my bedtime to knit. I get my mojo rollin’…and before ya know it…I’m an hour or two past my bedtime. :teehee:

Oh totally… in fact just last night I stayed up 2 hours past my bedtime. I made myself get up at my normal awake time just as a lesson ;o) I don’t think it’ll really teach me anything lol.

I just started my very first ‘real’ crochet project and I was SOOOOO excited to finally understand where to put the darn hook I just kept going and going!!!

Never stay up past my bedtime, but I have gotten up early to get some extra knitting in before going to work. :mrgreen:

On a regular basis I have a problem with that…except it involves a book and “just to the end of this chapter…no the next one…no the next one…crap it’s midnight.” Morning is first alarm at 5ish and then snooze until I HAVE to get dressed or be late to school…Only on weekends is the knitting a problem but then there is really no bedtime :yay:

I do NOT sleep well at all. I never have. If I go to bed earlier than 10pm I am wide awake at 2am! Sooooo Usually I go to bed at 1 or 2am and I get up between 6:30am and 7am. Last night however, I did stay up until 3am because I finished a sweater bag that I was working on for my mom! :cheering: (I posted pics on Ravelry) But I was wide eyed and bushy tailed at 7:30am! Of course that could have been because my other half was cutting firewood right outside our bedroom window! :noway: Plus from 9pm on it is just me, myself, and my kitten Fiona so its pretty quiet and I can concentrate on my knitting with no distractions. Ok sometimes Fiona is a distraction but I just put her to bed with the other animals and she stays! LOL

YES, unfortunately!!! I’ve stayed up way too late to:

knit more
get some yarn untangled
cast on a whole BUNCH of stitches
finish “just 1 more row” (which sometimes ends up being “just another row”)


I have to have a certain amount of brain activity to knit, so I don’t stay up to knit. I DO stay up to read, and I have done knitted if I have insomnia issues.