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I’ve had acrylic yarn squeak when knitting with bamboo needles! YUK! I have noticed in recent years that the quality of Red Heart super saver yarn has gone down quite a bit, and I’ve discovered other acrylics that I like better anyway. Vanna’s yarns are nice and soft and still have some substance to them, and I do like the Red Heart Soft yarns too. I find Simply Soft much too soft and slippery and it seems to have no substance at all and I don’t like how loose the plies are.

I love to hear what different people have to say about these kinds of things. Everyone’s experience is different and interesting.


i agree with the red heart ss being of lower quality now… years ago i made my kids blankets with RHSS (crocheted ripple afghans) that finally wore out… 3 years ago i made my brother and SIL a ripple afghan (same pattern i used for my boys, same brand yarn) and it looks like crap and they wore a hole in it. It can’t be the number of washings it went through or how it was washed (my kids had theirs through their potty training years… wer’e talking washing the blankets 2-3 times a day on hot, sometimes with chlorox!) my kids blankets always went back to looking like new while the one for my brother and SIL was pilling to no end and just looked like crap…

Anyone have any experience with Wool-ease yarn from Lion Brand???

and yeah, stopping by the LB Studio in NYC is high on my list of things to do :slight_smile:

RH SS is lower quality now than years ago? You’ve got to be kidding. I have some from the 70s and it was much rougher then than it is now. Softer yarns pill more, maybe that’s what you’re experiencing.

I dislike squeaky acrylics and Homespun was the squeakiest!! No thank you!

I like KP’s superwash merino.

I just retired an afghan I had crocheted with Wool Ease only a few years ago. It was pilling and had stretched out. The LB pattern I had used called for that yarn with a rather large hook (J) so I think had I adapted the pattern to a smaller hook it wouldn’t have stretched but I do hear a lot about the pilling.

I’d LOVE to get to the LB Studio! I’m dying to see some of their higher end yarns.

I never have any luck with Wool Ease, either. I just finished Drew the Crochet Dude’s Pink Ribbing purse in Lion Wool (because I had two skeins and wanted to felt the purse!), and my hands looked like they’d been sandpapered. FWIW, I’ve never heard yarn squeak, either, and my hearing is supposed to be excellent. Some hear it, some don’t, and I don’t.

Wool Ease is different from Lion Wool which is rougher than the wool/acrylic blend.

I have only knitted one thing using acrylic and I did notice the squeeking. I had assumed it was because I was using acrylic and my tension was off (it was my frist time knitting a sock-type item).

I do prefer wool, although I try to avoid buying scratchy wool. I do have some stuff that I just got as ‘practice’ (Lion Brand Alpine Wool) that isn’t totally awful, but I would prefer to use something softer.

I’ve found that cottons feel really nice to knit with, the hat I just finished was a pima cotton (… I honestly don’t know what that ‘means’ but I know it was super soft) and I love the yarn.

Yes, but I don’t have any luck with either. Lion Wool is downright abrasive, which is probably why it felts so well. Wool-Ease is just scratchy and prone to breaking even with very loose tension. Neither is as abrasive as Noro Kureyon. I had people raving at me that I SIMPLY MUST buy that, and I was almost ready to bite the bullet and try $ome until somebody had it at knitting group. To work with it, I’d have to wear gloves.

I just won a big ball of recycled sari silk on Ebay. I’m hoping this turns out to be the natural fiber that is actually interesting to work with!

I’ve done a lot of knitting with WE, and ripping and re-knitting, and [B]never[/B] had problem with it breaking. Could be the color; some dyes might weaken the fibers.

Noro Silk Garden is not quite as harsh as the Kureyon, but RHSS is softer than either one of them. Yeah, sure, maybe it softens up when you block it, but I sure don’t want to knit with it in the first place.

I just finished a Silk Garden project, and yeah, it softened up LOTS when I blocked it (which I had to do twice, long story), but phew, after working with silk and merino and cashmere in the last few projects, I was amazed at how rough the Silk Garden felt on my hands while knitting!

I’ve used denim-y blue, white, a blue and white variegated they used to make, and…I’m thinking it was cranberry, can’t recall now. It shouldn’t have been old when I bought it, because our Ames had a very active yarn department where hardly anything stayed on the shelf for long. The blue and the white were absolutely fragile to work with and the sweater I made with them fell apart the second time it was washed–looked as if the yarn itself dissolved in multiple places.

After knitting with any natural fiber yarn for a long period of time, whether from an animal source or vegetable source, I can see and feel a difference when switching to acrylics.

However, there a some really nice acrylics that are a pleasure to work with,
and [I]Caron Simply Soft[/I] is one of them! :thumbsup:

[I]Red Heart Soft[/I] is nice, too!

And, [I]TLC Luster![/I]

I’d use these 3 any day! Acrylic has its place in our stashes!
But. just like the natural fibers, acrylics come in many types, some better, some worse! And then personal preference factors in there, too!

Yep I have the denim, and knit it up once in most of a pattern, that didn’t work, then knit it in another which I’m going to rip cause I want to do something else with it. (you’d think I wouldn’t need any stash because I’m always reknitting the same yarn…) I have one skein that wasn’t used in the original project, though I did start something else with it; I’ve been using it to try out patterns for this final (I hope) try. It’s been knit and reknit about 4 times and doesn’t show a sign of breaking. I didn’t think the age of a yarn mattered, I have some acrylic from the 70s still in the wrapper that knits and looks fine.

Please excuse this thread jack, but Artlady: I just LOVE that pic of you knitting in the wilderness! I live in Michigan and oh, how I miss going up to the north woods!

okay, back to the subject of differant types of yarn.

The company back then told me the yarn was probably “too old”. I sent the wrapper, so wouldn’t they know how old the yarn was or wasn’t :?? Their explanation for my similarly dissolved afghan was that I had made it with Wool-Ease outsides to the granny squares and acrylic centers, and the two couldn’t be mixed in a project. HELLOOOO…Wool-Ease is a blend of wool and acrylic! Now, to be fair, that was at least ten years ago, and their customer service is a lot better now.

I did land some Wool-Ease Thick and Quick at the Michael’s clearance. One skein made a big thick warm hat, so since I only had one skein of each color there are three hats here waiting for new homes. I don’t know how long they’ll last, but for now they look nice, and it wasn’t scratchy to work with.

I still wonder how much local water has to do with how well yarn holds up. I’ve had people swear their Jiffy was scratchy and stiff after one laundering, where in our area (VERY hard water) it doesn’t ever seem to get rough. Wool in this water, OTOH, gets downright hard. I save rainwater to rinse out woolens.

They’re wrong, you can knit WE and acrylic together. I’ve never done it, but I sure don’t see a reason why you can’t. And you may be on to something about the water; also, I just read that you shouldn’t use powdered detergent for knits, it may not rinse out well; use a liquid.

I just dumped all my RHSS on my grandma…

I just can’t use it anymore…!!

That one is my favorite acrylic… they have their uses, just like scratchy wool does. Scratchy wool felts better and is usually warmer so makes better outerwear (like jackets and sweater that don’t touch your skin).

My least favorite is cotton, it’s too stiff and makes my hands hurt.

I’ve had some yarn feel off, can’t say it was plasticy or what and I don’t know what kind it was as it didn’t have a label and I had it for a long time.

I agree! :slight_smile:

I have lots of acrylic and I’ve been trying out some wools, but I’m of a kind that doesn’t much care what it is as long as it’s yarn. They feel different, but it’s neither better nor worse, just different.

I haven’t noticed a plasticky feel or a squeaky noise either – just the annoying shwoop sound that my needles make when they rub against each other. (I don’t really know how to describe it. It’s a metal against metal sound. I wonder if I’d still get it with an acrylic needle? I had trouble with this yarn getting stuck on my wood needles and bought the metal ones because of that.)