Ever notice how

after working with wool for a while it starts feeling softer and softer… then you go to knit with arcryllic (I’m making a top down raglan baby sweater using Caron Simply Soft) it feels really plasticy and almost makes you want to grind your teeth???

The only reasons I’m using the Caron Simply Soft is 1. i already have it in my stash (trying to weed the arcryllics out), 2. It’s a baby sweater, meaning lots of spitting up on it, lots of washing it out, and 3. I’m going to be selling it (and a few other things… going to get them made first then set up an etsy account and have a stock pile to go for the craft fairs next fall).

I can’t wait to have this sweater done, this stuff’s awful (which is funny since i used to love it, i’ve even made sweaters before using red heart super saver!) but I don’t know which wool would be good to use in the future… the reviews i’ve read said that the lion brand wool-ease pills pretty badly after a few washes (any second opinions??)


No, not really. Especially not with Simply Soft which I think feels softer than wool.

I just went from a Simply Soft sweater to a Red Heart Super Saver afghan and while the Red Heart is rougher it’s nothing major.

No, never noticed that. :shrug: I hate RHSS as I find it hurts my hands after awhile…like they’ve been sandpapered, but I never noticed the plasticy feel.

What I particularly dislike about it is the way it squeaks when you knit with it. Puts my teeth on edge.

I agree with Mike, there’s a lot of acrylics that feel softer than most wools. Merino is softer than other wools, but still, some acrylics are softer than it is. And I’ve never had acrylic yarn ‘squeak’; could be that happens when it’s knit at a tight gauge.

the simply soft is softer than the red heart, but i’m finding the simply soft to feel plasticy (and it’s splitting to no end right now… size 7 needles)…

i’ve spent the last few months working with nothing but wool… and i love the feel of wool (which is funny because I hated it growing up, it always felt scratchy and made me itch).

oh well, sweater’s 1/2 done, thinking about returning whatever simply soft i have in my stash that’s never been used (i have a bunch of the simply soft shadows) with the labels on that’s still new and then whatever i have for partials i’m giving to my sister who works with project linus.

Soft yarns, even wools, are soft because they’re twisted looser and so are more prone to splitting. I’ve found with using a larger needle that it doesn’t split as badly as using the conventional size needles, 7-9.

Phoenix, I know what you mean. I like the elann and knitpicks superwash wools for kids clothes- still washable, and still inexpensive.

I have [I]never, ever[/I] had acrylic squeak. I knit at the normal gauge, too. :??

Maybe it’s just some knitter’s perceptions, or the needles they use. :shrug:

I was just touching this <----- hat with this thread in mind (very cold here tonight for this time of year). It’s nowhere near as soft as Simply Soft. It’s almost as scratchy as RHSS but different, definitely better against the balding head than RHSS, I can’t stand my Red Heart hats for very long.
I have a Lion Camo acrylic hat that is very tolerable.

I wasn’t holding much hope for the Simply Soft sweaters but I figured it would be more of a breathing issue. It wasn’t. They actually feel good against the skin and are warm. Once I made one I bought a lot more for sweaters.
Plus now with the Eco each sweater is about 3 bottles recycled.

I’ve had RHSS squeak with plastic crochet hooks but not with metal.

I only knit with metal needles. I knit loose, which I keep trying to fix. And yeah, it squeaks. :slight_smile: (What, did you think I’m making it up or something? Maybe some knitters just don’t notice!)

What? Speak up :wink:

I think when my hooks and needles were new they squeaked with everything. I’d run them through my hair (what little there is of it).

Try knitting with wood needles they really help me to NOT knit so loose. I only have one pair of straights but love the Bamboo dpn’s or KP’s Harmony.


I agree with Mike. Simply Soft feels really soft to me and wool feels rough, esp if I have been knitting with the Simply Soft first, or something like Love This Cotton. I guess I am the reverse.

On a side note, I bought some Deborah Norville Serenity sock yarn at Hobby Lobby. It is a wool/bamboo blend and it feels sooooo soft.

Wool is always rough to me unless it is a blend.

:aww: I admit it … I am a yarn snob. I really, really, really prefer natural fibers. There are a few blends I like (Knit Picks, Comfy Bulky 75% cotton/ 25% acrylic) I buy, I try … but I almost always go back … Some man made yarns are SO pretty and so soft, I want to want to knit with them, but for some reason they almost always “feel” different.

I have had a few yarns “squeak” on me, but always figured it was the needles I was using. After switching to bamboo ones in circular knitting, they quit that squeaking on me.

And I have to add, I envy you that can use wool yarn. I am highly allergic to wool in most forms. Just brushing it leaves my whole arm a lovely shade of red, where ever it touched. So using wool is a no no for this knitter.

Yes, I’m with you on that plasticky feel. I must be getting spoiled and I just like knitting with real wool. It feels nicer. I can stand the acrylic though. I kinda have to since I have such a huge stash of acrylic.

I’ve had the Super Saver yarn squeak on my aluminum crochet hooks before. It didn’t happen knitting with it but I had used some pretty old stash that a neighbor gave me. The older Super Saver was softer and felt less plasticky than what they put out now.

Heh. I don’t like knitting on wood needles. They’re grabby and they drive me crazy because they’re so slow. So far, this has been true on even slippery silk laceweights.

I keep trying to like acrylics. They’re so practical, and they’re SO much cheaper! But they make me break out in funny sweats, and the squeaking of the yarn drives me mad when knitting. :slight_smile: Guess it’s just the squeak of acrylic on metal, but since that’s all I knit with… (I do have a set of Harmony interchangeables, and even some Lantern Moon needles. After a while of knitting with them, I do get used to them, but I still knit slower on them. Someday, I’ll probably give them to my ex-sister in law or some lucky wood needle lover.)

Noooo…I didn’t think you were making it up or lying about it, Zina. :teehee: It’s just never happened to me and I knit with acrylic a lot and it’s very quiet around here with no kiddies around anymore. :shrug:

Not all of us can tolerate wool and [I]good[/I] wool can also be expensive so some of us have to use acrylic. I am so sensitive that even most expensive merino wools bother me… yes, even blends that feel heavenly to the hand or cheek can make me itchy on my body. I’ve been slowly testing out different ones to see how it goes. :thumbsup: