Ever knit a book cover?

It just occurred to me that this might make a good gift for someone who reads a lot, and likes to cart books around with them. I do it myself, and don’t like to get my books dirty.

Anyone here ever knit a book cover? I suppose it’s just a rectangle fit to the book size, with flaps one can sew under.

I’m going to give it a go…will let you see the results if and when.

I think the yarn would get pretty abused, pilled and not look good since it’s handled so much. If you’re going to do it I suggest using a fairly tight gauge so it can take more.

You could also knit some handles and attach them to both sides - like a purse. To make it easier for carrying!!!

Just a thought! Please post some pic’s when you’re finished!


To avoid the pills or try cotton ease, though that may be too heavy, or knitpicks Cotlin. I .suppose you could do a prototype in dish cloth cotton, but that may stretch out of shaped too easily.

Uh oh, I just looked here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/search?query=book%20cover

And book covers are not new ideas!

I would suggest upholstery thread, or else felting it. It would only work for a hardcover book, really.
Or for an eBook reader.

What about sock yarn that has elastic in it? Like KnitPicks Risata? It could be made for paperbacks.
[B]I really like this idea[/B]; I work next a library and borrow all the time. This could cover up some steamy romance book covers when I’m on the bus. :teehee:
I mean really, have you seen some of them?

I’ve seen some nice felted book covers. I think a felted cover would stand up to the abuse better and wouldn’t stretch as much, but it’d be bulkier…