Ever Have Days Like This?

I just can’t seem to get this stupid hat started. It isn’t any one thing, I think I’m just all thumbs today.

I had to cast it on three times before I got that right. I measured out what should have been enough yarn to cast on 120 stitches and ran out of tail right around 80. I tried again, adding more to it, and somehow or other wound up with a couple of yarn overs in the middle instead of knit cast on stitches. No idea how I managed that one.

The third time I finally got it cast on correctly and joined. I knit the first five rows, did the cable row, and 4 more rows beyond that before I noticed a huge hole at one point. Argh!

It looked like I had dropped a stitch or something but a quick count showed the right number of stitches. I have no idea what I did to create that huge hole. I frogged the thing and cast on yet again.

I’m just having a bad knitting day I guess.

I’ve had bad knitting months. It passes.

:hair:me too. Maybe work on that scarf of yours for a while to get your “groove” back

OH yeah… definitely! I was trying to knit a scarf for breast cancer awareness month and I just can’t seem to get going on it. I tried different patterns and frogged them all. :hair: I know it’s because I HATE knitting scarves and I don’t feel guilty because I’ve done a ton of charity stuff, but it’s still annoying.

Hang in there, it’ll get better!

Geez, I hope it doesn’t get that bad :rofl:

The scarf is finished, the hat is the follow up project to it.

I think I’ll just chill out on the couch and try again tomorrow.


It’s normal I think. Have you tried the trick of using two skeins of yarn (or the beginning and end of one ball of yarn) to do the long tail cast on? That way, you don’t have to worry about running out of the tail in the middle of casting on.
:shifty: (Ok, while knowing about that trick, I’ll admit that I’ve never done it, and for some reason I persist in measuring out the yarn first, and almost always never have enough. It’s normal for me to have to cast on two or three times to get it right. I hate casting on!) :shifty:

I think there’s a certain alignment of the stars or something that one needs to just pick up the needles and have everything go right. I’ve had it happen to me a couple of times and it feels great. Most of the time, I’m in the same boat as you right now. Don’t feel like the lone ranger.

:rofl: Could be the moon or something.

Been there done that

:rofl: Could be the moon or something.

Honestly, if it’s the moon, I’m screwed. I work in mental health and EVERYTHING depends on the moon. I don’t need to add knitting to it:roflhard:

Yes…and it seems to be happening more and more lately… I hope it passes soon…it annoys me to where I just want to move on to another project…:teehee:

Yeah I spent last night frogging and knitting the sole of the clog I am working several times. I finally just bagged it and said I will try tomorrow. Today I seem to be able to count and I am hoping to have just the bottom sole to do tomorrow.


Bad knitting day is definitely normal. I did just the same thing yesterday - i decided i want a matching hat for my Irish hiking scarf, so i spent about 3 hours casting on and frogging back again. :hair:

Knitting is the only thing going right for me at the moment, I have a bad cold and haven’t been sleeping well so I’m feeling really run down. I have an essay to write on psycholinguistics which I just don’t understand, not having been taught any psycholinguistics yet, and someone else has taken all the books out of the library. Knitting is about all my brain can cope with this week, the rest of the time I feel like I’m banging my head against a wall trying to understand how vision works or work out how to use the stats software!!! Psychology can be like that sometimes.
Ok, I know I’m being over dramatic but its been one of those weeks. I bet next week when the cold is gone and I manage to get my hands on some of those library books I’ll have to frog some of my Dark Mark scarf!

Maybe Irish Hiking Hats are just stubborn? :wink:

Seems kind of backwards to assign a paper on a topic that has yet to be taught. Good luck, and hope ya get to feeling well soon. I’m still getting over one myself.