Ever have anyone you wanted to knit for but

Didn’t because you knew the item would be ruined fairly quickly? I want to make the Very Berry T at MagKnits (http://magknits.com/Mar07/patterns/berry.htm) for my step-granddaughter (she’ll be 4 in february) but i’m on the fence between “do it anyway” and “why bother”.

let’s just say that the things i’ve made for her in the past (afghans, sweater sets when she was a baby) ended up stained/ripped/ruined/ or used by the dogs in their bed (don’t get me started… i’d typed out a LONG rant a few minutes ago and decided to NOT post it) and it’d end up being dh’s ex who’d wash it since my stepgranddaughter’s mother doesn’t do housework (another rant another time)… :gah:

I don’t know anyone else with any girls… the only friends that I have happen to have boys as well…

So yeah, i’m irritated, got one of the world’s cutest kids (when she’s behaving) that’d look adorable in knitted garments that I can’t knit for :frowning:

Well, I gotta say that anything that has been ruined previously has been the caretakers be they parents or whoever. A child barely four can’t do it herself. If you do make something make sure it’s out of yarn that is sturdy and washable. I think I’d be more inclined to make her a little toy, slippers, hat or something like that till she’s older and can appreciate it and take care of it herself.


May I refer you to the post titled: Who will you not knit for?

AND, in it… many, many people describe the same woes and lessons learned … the hard way… of many, many stitches. :smiley:

yeah, while a four year old can be messy or accident-prone, it isn’t her fault. Mom should be on the look out for stains/ potential problems. (i.e. in our house the kid does not eat chocolate ice cream in a hand knit sweater.)

I’d agree with Jan that something washable and durable (think cotton, acrylic and blends)… and kids can be really picky about clothes too. my 5 yo just decided she doesn’t want to wear jeans because the denim “doesn’t feel right” on her skin.

or if you do knit it, you have to be able to let it go. You knit it because you want to and you want her to have it. anything beyond that is out of your control…

it’s not my stepgranddaughter ruining it that i’m worried about… children get messy, that’s a part of life… they stain and ruin clothes (5 boys have proved it here LOL)…

it’s her mother and dh’s ex :slight_smile: her mother just throws things in a corner… dh’s ex has been known to (repeatedly) put bleach in with dark colors, shrink things, etc…

Does she spend much time at your house? Perhaps you could do a toy or blanket or something that would be for her, but would be kept at your house? That way you could both ensure that it is properly taken care of, and teach her how to take care of them. Just a thought. That’s really sad, though, that you can’t knit for her because of her parents’ lack of care for things. Hopefully when she is old enough to take care of things herself, she’ll be inclined to treat things properly!

we only get to see her when her parents want something (which amounts to maybe 3 times a year at the most)… dh goes and gives it to her father (dh’s stepson from his last marriage… dh has been “dad” to him for over 21 years now) so that they don’t cut us out completely…

maybe one of the mommies on my parenting boards will let me borrow one of their girls to make something for…

This is why I knit for charity. I can make all sorts of neat little things and know that somewhere some little child is happy to receive it. :wink:

That’s really sad, I’m sorry!

You’re welcome to knit things for my girls! :slight_smile: They are 3 and 5, and love almost everything I have knit for them (except the scratchy scarf!).