Ever have a pattern that you just keep messing up even though it's not hard? >>>

I’m dealing with this right now.

Do the knitting goddesses not want me to make this?

Anyone else have this problem?

Yes, one of Cat Bordhi’s sock patterns. Ishkaboodle, it’s gone!

But Bool, I have faith that you CAN do it, especially if you ask for some help from the experts here.

Yup, wanted to make myself a Fat Bottom Bag (from S&B Happy Hookers) from some suede a picked up. Made one last year wtih no problem. I know I must’ve started that thing about 10 times and still couldn’t get it to come out right. I finally just put it away and moved on to something else. Maybe next time I try to make it the knitting goddesses will let me. LOL

Yup the knitting goddess was there when I wanted to knit a shawl. It was the Ripple Shawl by Lion Brand. I tried it every once in a while and nope just can not do it. I made sure I had the right number of stitches. Counted all the repeats and by the third row it was all a mess. Two many stitches or two little. I am now convinced that it is not the pattern for me. I just love the ripple too. :sad:

I would chalk that up to it being a Lion pattern … I seem to ALWAYS have problems with their patterns! LOL

yup, I can’t seem to make a sock. I have the needles, I have the yarn, I have teh pattern. I cast on and then I realize it’s too small, or too large, or twisted on the needles. They just don’t want to be made just yet.

It happens to me frequently.

On this particular pattern, I don’t even need help as the pattern is pretty straightforward with repeating sections. But inevitably, I find I made an error. I ignore it, continue on, and oops, another error!

It’s making me crazy but I am determined. I’m considering frogging it and starting over with a fresh mind. And maybe some attention to detail? Please???

Oh my goddess, YES! This JUST happened to me last night. I’m trying desperately to do the TwinkleToes pattern from knitty using rowan calmer yarn. At first, I was having issues because I couldn’t find calmer (too lazy to order online) but my LYS has it. Now, I CANNOT get the darned w&t to work without holes! I’m following Cat Borhdi’s videos and she makes it look sooo easy. But this confounded calmer is so elastic, I’m having a heck of a time even seeing the wraps when i get to them! Calmer my @ss!!! lol

P.S. did i mention i’ve frogged this thing 6 times!

I was just dealing with this the last two nights. First, I simply got my count off, and had to choose between unknitting an entire 88 stitch round, or going ahead with it and changing a bunch of purls to knits and knits to purls at various places. I chose the latter, but I kept confusing myself. Finally, got it fixed, and knitted on.

Last night, same hat, I dropped the stitch marker for the start of the round, and was about 3 inches past where it should have been. So, I tinked that (which happened to involve cables!), and headed off again. And after the cables, realized I’d held them in front instead of behind. So, I had to go back again.

However, I refused to admit defeat, and carried on with success to the end of the row–and promptly put it down till another time!!! I’ll pick it back up tonight or this weekend.

You are SO not alone!

The first time I made a ball-band dishcloth, it took forever. My poor husband actually left the room & took cover elsewhere! My brain just kept twisting the directions. I think it took about 8 tries over 2 nights before it finally clicked. :doh:

The first time I made the Forest Canopy Shawl, I just couldn’t get how the pretty edge was constructed. Yes, I saw the directions. Read them. Didn’t get how I was supposed to do it. See, I did read the section that said it was a top-down construction, but my brain didn’t register that fact. I thought I was knitting from the bottom up! :roflhard: (Feel free to laugh!) I went so far as to email the pattern’s creator & ask. She was incredibly nice about it. And my shawl did turn out lovely.

Knowing me, this will happen again, and again, and again!!

If things good right with a pattern, I get nervous that something else in my life is going to go wrong. I made five perfect items and MIL dies. Frog projects more than once and everything great:roflhard: . So bring on the knitting problems in my life, make the rest of it seem great.

Mmmm-hmmm. Doing this right now. I’m making a pretty easy backpack for my DD. Very simple, St st with an intarsia flower in the middle. Somehow, someway I’ve messed it up in several places. I am just thanking the knitting gods that it’s gonna be felted and no one will ever know how much it was screwed up.

Six? I think I’m tied with you. :wall:

For me its the “baby surprise sweater”. I made one and did fine but ripped it out half way thru due to wanting to use different yarn. Then I tried to knit it two more timed and NEVER got it right. Something was always “off”. So I gave up!! But I have since made a lot of other more complicated sweaters perfectly…so I don’t know what the problem was.:knitting:

I cannot seem to get lace down… i don’t know what it is but I have not gotten a single, simple K2tog, YO, pattern completed… what the heck is up with that?

I just wrote a blog post a few days ago talking about this very same thing! For the life of me, I’ve never had so many problems with a pattern as much as I have for the tunic I’m knitting. Don’t let it frustrate you! You’ll get it. :thumbsup:

Yes. That is when I take a break or go to something else I am knitting. :knitting:

I did an afghan that I had to frog a couple of times before I could get the pattern to line up. For some reason I just couldn’t get the yo’s and pattern stitches to line up properly. I also found I hate working on #15 circulars so the next one I dropped down to #11’s for a similar pattern afghan and had no problems.

It happens to me whenever I try to knit sweaters. This time, success will be mine!