Ever have a pattern get the better of you?

I’ve got that happening to me right now. On Friday on my way out of work, I had a Bernat Pattern book, lilac acrylic yarn {actually it’s called Star Dust}, and fun fur prints in Fiji, all follow me home so that I could make the cover pattern cardigan for Lissa. Well it’s a danged good thing that I’m making the size 4 rather than the size 2… she will have a chance of actually having it still fit by the time I get it done! It’s a very simple pattern… even rated as “Easy”, and I didn’t even bother cringing or checking out what stitches are needed for it since I was so sure I’d have no problems. Well problems galore I am having!!! I’ve spent more time frogging and reknitting than actually getting progress! I would have been up to the armpits at least if it wasn’t for all my dumb errors.

I’m doing it in one piece, so granted my errors are caused by my trying to do three sets of instructions at once… but geesh!!! First I only deducted one stitch from the back instead of two {frogged back to the beginning}, then I forgot to increase one stitch on each of the fronts after the ribbing {frogged back 3 or 4 rows}, then I had to re-adjust the dot pattern on the back {frogged back 1 row}, then I forgot to do the button band {dropped the stitches and brought them back up with a crochet hook}, and THEN I forgot to make the buttonholes {frogged the whole right border for 10 rows and reknit with dpns}! I must say, I’ve had quite a bit of practice in fixing mistakes with a variety of methods!!! Lord help me if I discover another error in my work!!! :shock: :rollseyes:

I’m trying to do the Trellis Wrap–which is the same as the Estonian Garden wrap I think but this is smaller–I just CAN’T seem to get even ONE complete section done!! ARRGH! :shock:

It doesn’t sound like it got the better of you yet since you’re still plugging away! :thumbsup:

I’ve had projects go like that, too; but I must say that I learned the most from them and usually remember not to repeat the same mistakes. Usually is the operative word, here, by the way. :wink:

Plugging away is right… although I’m really beginning to question if avoiding seaming is really worth all this! :rollseyes: My biggest concern is that I’ve figured out the placement of the buttonholes correctly. If not, I’ll be frogging that danged border AGAIN!

I’m kinda upset about it all though. I was hoping this would be a brainless project that I can take back and forth to work for a few days without needing the pattern or anything else. The buttonholes mean that I can’t. My brainless ribbed sock is missing, so I don’t have a work project ATM, and I feel lost!

At least this yarn {Bernat Satin} is very forgiving and such. Unlike a lot of soft acrylics, it’s not splitting at all. This is my first time using it, and the only time it would untwist was when I was doing my cast-on. Even with all the frogging, it still looks great, and it’s like butter on my hands and needles.

Nicole…remember my frogged Spearfish sock?! :wink:

Well at least it’s moving right along now. I’ve been doing so many socks lately that I’ve forgotten how fast WW knits up! :roflhard: I’m just shy of the 4" mark… I better not forget to make that buttonhole at the 4¼" mark! 8½ inches is where I divide for the armholes, so depending on whether I go to work tonight will decide whether it gets divided tonight or tomorrow. :wink:

I just noticed that the shoulders are cast off over 4 rows I think… Ingy, will you be able to help me convert this to short rows so I can do a three needle bind off? :??

I’m wondering if I’m leaving ANYTHING “as is” for this sweater! :thumbsup:

To be honest, for a child’s sweater, I’d just knit those 4 rows even and leave it at that. But if you want to add short rows to it, I’ll be happy to help.

thats a very pretty pattern another thing to check into for Roo :rofling:

I don’t like patterns like that either and alot of time I have to walk away from them… Ruthie’s Easter dress was like this… I had to re-work the pattersn out to get them to come out right for me over and over… I froggged that thing so many times that everyone was telling me to go buy her a dress but at that point I had reached… this pattern will not beat me… it can not beat me… and somehow got it done… now the starsky is giving me fits not cause its hard but because I miss a count or forget to do something :doh: so its in my basket this weekend hasn’t been touched instead I did a fast tank top for Roo … hopefully tomorrow I can get back to the starsky…

Once you get it done you will be so happy that you did but if your like me afraid to put it on her :rofling: Roo got to wear her dress twice before I put it up… didn’t want anything to happen to one after the trouble I went through… :roflhard:

The picture of sweater doesn’t really show it, but the schematic definitely shows the slope… making it look like a sewing pattern shoulder. It really is a sweet looking sweater, and I already know I’m going to have a nightmare picking up the stitches for the cuffs and collar with Fun Fur. :shock: Lissa is damned lucky she’s worth it!! :roflhard:

Here’s the shoulder shaping instructions for the size I’m working:
Back: Cast off 7 sts beg of next 2 rows, then 7 sts beg following 2 rows. Cast off remaining 21 sts.
Left Front: Cast off 7 sts beg of next row. Work 1 row even. Cast off rem 7 sts.
Right Front: Cast off 7 sts beg of next row. Work 1 row even. Cast off rem 7 sts.

I understand the main concept behind using the short rows and leaving the stitches live, but I just can’t wrap my brain around it.

It’s actually a very simple pattern… purl dots on every other RS row. I’m just complicating things by doing it in one piece and such since I’m too danged lazy to seam. If she had to wait for me to seam, I’d need it in a size 12 {ladies… not kids! :roflhard: }. There’s a really sweet hooded vest on the back cover of this booklet that’s another WIM… it has a zipper though, and I’m afraid of that! I might just ship the book, and enough yarn for 2 of them off to my best friend… she’s not afraid of putting zippers in knitting like I am! :thumbsup:

I’m even thinking about doing the sleeves with dpns so that the only seaming I will have to do is setting in the sleeve! TALK ABOUT LA-ZEEE!!!

You can avoid sewing in the sleeves if you pick up and knit around the armholes, too! :happydance:

For the short rows, on the back shoulders, knit to the last 7, w & t, and purl back to the last 7 stitches, w & t. Knit back to the last 14, w & t, purl to the last 14, w & t. Knit all the way back and pick up your wraps, then purl all the way back and pick up the wraps.

On the fronts, it’s basically the same, on the left front, knit to the last 7, w & t, purl all the way back, knit to the last 14, w & t, purl back, then knit all the way across and pick up the wraps.

On the right front, purl to the last 7, etc.

I thought about that… but the stitches would look upside down… especially the purl dots. :frowning: Oh well… I’ll have to survive doing two armholes… I might make it! :lol: