Ever go on a Knitting Binge?

I feel I have done nothing but knit for the past three months. With trying to get going on Christmas presents and everything else, it seems when I’m not doing housework and taking care of my son my hands are wrapped up in yarn. Of course, it’s rewarding when you sit back and see how much you’re accomplished, but I’ll be glad when I can get a bit of a break and maybe do a slow-paced selfish project.

Anyone else who is knitting Christmas presents feel this way?

I"m not knitting specifically for Christmas (well, I wasn’t but everything recently is being earmarked “Christmas”). But I picked up my needles again and can’t put them down. I have a scrapbooking weekend coming up soon and I’ve got to start mentally preparing myself for the weekend. I would hate to spend the whole scrapbooking weekend knitting. :roll:

i refuse to give myself time limits. If i do that then i don’t enjoy working on the item. I’m also way behind in school work because of knitting (i end up spending the time the kids are in school knitting insted of doing homework, WHOOPS)… oh well…

I do have a scarf that i’d like to have done by our tribe’s Winternights gathering, but if it’s done, fine, if not, whatever. I also would like to have some shawls done (5 total) by january 09 for Yule gifts for the ladies of our tribe…

I’m sitting here now trying to convince myself that I really need to lay the knitting aside long enough to wash the dishes. :rofl:


with my new job and spending time with my brother before he left on wednesday for okinawa, i haven’t really had that much time to knit. but when i do take time to knit, i can really get on a roll and do nothing but knit for hours at a time, several days in a row. i just knit when i feel the urge. sometimes it happens a lot, other times not so much. but i find that the sometimes make up for the other times. :slight_smile:
when i finally figure out the yarn i need for all my christmas projects and get it ordered, i will have to force myself to sit down and get it all done. that better be one of the sometimes. :teehee:

I lost my job on Aug. 31st and have done nothing but knit ever since. I don’t see much point in looking for a job when you are 4 months pregnant, I mean, who is going to hire me when I can only work for 5 months then need 3 months off? I have been subbing at a few schools (I’m technically teacher although my last job was not teaching). ANYWAYS, I have been knitting A LOT!!!

I spent from 2 p.m. thru 9 p.m. yesterday knitting a washcloth for a friend. I did take some breaks but I went at it like a maniac. (It was my first dishcloth, so it was a bit slow.)

Knitting has been on my mind TOO much.

Well, I just started my internship, so I feel I’m a bit short on knitting time. But I knit every spare moment I have.

I decided not to knit christmas gifst (again), because I just lack the time. I think if I’d get fired at my internship, I’d knit whole days at a row.

I don’t know if I’ve ever spent 3 months knitting but the other day I was at a conference and I managed to knit almost all of the body of a sweater I’m making for my dd while I was there.

It is an easy top down raglan pattern so just round after round of stockinette while I listened and participated in workshops but I did feel like a knitting fool.

I’ve also been known to finish entire sweaters over a weekend of visiting at my parents’ house.

Is a knitting binge a bad thing?:whoosh:

I haven’t spun yarn or quilted in [I]months[/I]. It’s all my knitting’s fault. I have 8 projects on the needles right now. And 3 that are soon to be cast on. That has never happened before. I’ve usually only had a max of 3 WIPs at one time. I’m completely knit-crazy right now. (Which is ok with me!)

I feel the same way. Once upon a time I used to crochet, sew, make greeting cards with nifty little stickers and scraps of paper. Now it’s just knitting. At least I’ll get a break when I start working on my brother’s Christmas present. He wants a carry case for his new PSP so I’ll get to sew again. LOL I hope I remember how. :teehee:

I don’t think I am a ‘binge knitter’ cuz…don’t ‘bingers’ sometimes take a break…then binge a whole bunch??

I knit a whole bunch without a break. :shrug:

I binge on all projects I work on. For instance, when I learned how to knit this year, I spent four months picking up the skills anytime I wasn’t at work. I even figured out how to knit and play my computer games at the same time as I was also on a game binge. I also cross-stitch periodically and do Hardanger embroidery. I also have writing moments, but those are few and far between as my parents successfully employed aversion therapy about my writing habits.

I even binge on reading, although that’s more of a constant than anything else. What I really mean is, when I can, I binge on reading real books rather than fanfiction. Real books are better on the mind, but fanfiction is better on the pocketbook.

Currently, I’ve been knitting for the whole weekend. It’s to the point where I’m beginning to feel I should be wearing my wrist brace, so I’m probably putting everything away for a while.

I think I’m in the same boat as Art Lady. I’ve been SO unemployed for quite some time now and I’ve just been straight knitting. Actually, a nice combination of knitting and sleeping, and going out once in a while for food. This is definitely not a binge, but, … a lifestyle, in a sense.

Money is at an all time low, but knitting is on an all time high. I hope (and for knitting’s sake I don’t hope) to find a job soon.

Being on short term disability gives me more time to knit, but . . . I love coming here to read about the fabulous things everyone’s knitting, so I knit less making it likely that I’ll not get as much done.

It’s y’alls fault!!

I don’t have a “real” job, so I get to do pretty much what ever when ever, spare a few nights when I actually have to leave the house to do a show…OMG…

But I usually stay up late (obviously) and knit while everyone else is sleeping, I feel less anti-social if I do it that way. Once I start knitting I pretty much just zone out. But in return I sleep most of the day-light hours away. Take one lose one I guess…

I wish I could go on a knitting binge. The two and one year-old stop any thoughts of knitting for hours without stopping. For some reason, they think I am suppose to feed them, give them drinks, play with them. So I am limited to when they are asleep. The nights are out for knitting since this is when I study.

I’m a binge knitter for sure! All I’ve been knitting lately is Christmas gifts, and I have a bunch so I knit every chance I get. :thumbsup:My knitting is on an enforced break right now though because I’m moving and I stupidly packed my pattern books. Grrr!:wall:
I have also been known to knit a sweater in a weekend.:whistle:

My rationale is that knitting is good for me. It clears my mind, is an outlet for my creativity, keeps my hands busy, and makes me a happier person. What’s not to love?

Yup, I’ve been a knitting/crocheting fool lately. Between trying to get a handle on Xmas gifts and all the birthdays in my family from Sept thru Jan, it’s just crazy! By the time Jan comes, I am so sick of knitting/crocheting for others I go on a selfish binge and create just for me and DD. I did afghans last year for gifts and this year is more for smaller gifts. It’s still a lot though. I’m trying to make gifts to save $$ so I can get the photography equipment I need to take DDs senior pics professionally. So I have major motivation going on here. :slight_smile: