Ever get your yarn cake-d?

I got my new wool yarn cake’d when I went to LYS with my best friend a couple days back, the woman used this cool wooden contraption to turn the skein into a cake for me. Knitting from a cake is awesome!!! :heart:

:teehee: The cool wooden contraption is called a swift. It holds the yarn while the ball winder winds. The “cake” is actually called a center pull ball. Some people still use the outside yarn though. I always get my hanks wound if I buy them at the yarn store, but when I by them elsewhere I often wind my own because I don’t own all that yet. It’s easy and there is a video under tips I think. (videos at the top of the page)

I got the KnitPicks Yarn Ball Winder a while back and to this with all my yarn. LOVE IT!!!

That was a ball winder. I wind by hand because most of the yarn I get is already in a center pull skein.

I like that it’s flat on the bottom and top, so I can lay it on a table or wherever and knit away. MUCH better. :smiley:

I am so jealous right now as my yarn has been twisting threw the centre pull with another piece and it looks like it has been run over. I will have to check if my lys does this!

I’m not sure if they’ll do it if you haven’t bought the yarn there, but it’s worth a try! :thumbsup:

I am willing to convert over to my lys for my yarn if they do this… :slight_smile:

The first thing my granddaughter wants to do when she comes over is wind yarn … out comes the swift and ball winder … we have even wound some center pull skeins … just because we can. Another thing we like to do is tie left over yarn together then wind it as one ball. We made a doll blanket out of one ball … the other two are waiting for to decide what they want to be. Even the knots and tails make for interesting “fabric”.

You could just buy the ball winder. There is a relatively cheap one that works pretty well from knitpicks. I think it was only about $25 with shipping and everything.

The swift tends to cost a little bit more. I don’t own one of those yet. I just make my b/f stand there with his arms held out while I unwind it off of his hands. Though the swifts are much nicer.

I also love to wind balls. Even if I get a center pull skein I will still wind it into a ball. They tend to be more compact in the wound ball than in the skein. So I can fit more in my yarn drawers that way. I’ve been told that I’m not allowed to have more than 3 drawers full of yarn at one time. So I like to make them as small as possible so I can fit more.

sounds like a nursery rhyme :heart:

I just got a swift! I had a 50 percent off coupon for Joann Fabrics and on their website (its not sold in the store) I got a swift for $35 bucks! I also ordered a ball winder from Knitpicks for $20! I love using them:cheering: ! It’s a lot of fun! I just couldn’t pass up a swift for $35! It’s working great so far!

When winding into a ball be careful not to stretch the yarn and then have it sit in a ball for a long time. This will kill some of the soft, fluffiness of the yarn. A well wrapped ball/cake of yarn can still be fluffy and compact.

As for yarn swifts, I made one this weekend out of 2 yard sticks, a Lazy Susan base and some scrap wood. Since all the items had been picked up over the years I don’t know the cost, but less than $10.

Set up the ball winder and swift and crank as I watch old movies.

Part of me wants to grab a bucket of tinker toys and see if I can make one.

:lol: You probably could if you glued them together! And the yarn wasn’t heavy. :teehee:

There is actually a tutorial out there somewhere on a Tinkertoy swift. I tried it and it didn’t work too well. We have the cheap plastic ones so I don’t know if that makes a difference. The yarn kept flying off of it or it was tipping over. That’s what makes me skeptical of a flat-type swift over an umbrella one.

i bought mine for about $25 at amazon… i LOVE IT!

I also love that i can knit from both ends of the skein at once after i wind it…

I think this requires a picture!

see that sounds more like something I would do… mainly because if I go and buy something and I don’t show that I am using it enough the knitting police give me crap about it! Probably because I am known for starting new crafts…mmm lets see, pottery, stained glass, painting, knitting, scrapbooking etc… LOL! i have a room upstair full of grand ideas! LOL!

As for yarn swifts, I made one this weekend out of 2 yard sticks, a Lazy Susan base and some scrap wood. Since all the items had been picked up over the years I don’t know the cost, but less than $10.

How about you writing up a pattern and letting us folks(me) who dont want to spend upwards twards $85 on one, have it. PLEASE?

My husband would prob jump at the chance of making one so he doesnt have to be my swift anymore. LOL