Ever feel like you can't stop?

I just get so into a project, that I don’t stop for at least an hour or so.

Yes, and especially this last few months. Sometimes I will tell DH, “Honey, can you go to the bathroom for me? I have to finish this sweater so I can’t get up.”

Last weekend I had sooo much to do, but I couldn’t stop knitting so I never even left the house!

We are addicted.

One of the major signs of addiction (to anything) is that it interferes with our daily life and functioning. Staying up to the wee hours, neglecting our other duties, etc., are all signs of addiction.

I have caught myself knitting stockinette in the round while dozing off. My mind if asleep, but my fingers are still going around and around. It’s usually WAY past my bedtime when this happens. :slight_smile: