Ever experienced this with your addis?

I received a shipment of addis from Jeff yesterday–sizes 7,8,9 in 60 cm (24 inches). Now…silly me… :oops: …before I realized that my US needles had the cm lengths in small print on the packages, I was taking my addis from Jeff out of the package and comparing them with others to determine length (if I didn’t have a measuring tape nearby–I was actually doing this with all of my addis so I could label the bags w/ a sharpie at once). Upon doing this, I noticed that while holding together a size 6, 24" and a size 7, 24"–the addi from Jeff (the size 7) was about half an inch SHORTER than the size 6 american addi…Has anyone noticed this–I tried laying them flat side by side so the gauge of the needle wouldn’t interfere…is this needle defunct? I don’t do a lot of circular knitting–usually I use my circs for flat knitting and in that case it wouldn’t be a problem but in the case of a circular project…this might be a problem???
I’m not trying to suspect Jeff’s needles or anything…I just thought it was interesting…and I hope it isn’t going to be a problem…

Here are some photos…

Don’t know exactly what the cable is made of, but do you think the America needle you have is longer simply because you have used it more and it has stretched slightly?

I get my tape measure and see which one is more accurate.


Whatever the reason for the difference, 1/2 inch isn’t going to matter at all. If your stitches are stretched out so much that 1/2 inch matters, you’d go to a smaller needle anyway.

Interesting, though. :thinking:

nope–just bought the american one last week and Jeff’s came yesterday–I haven’t used either of them, that’s why I had to hold them down–they were still a little curly from the package. I measured them a moment ago and they are definately different in length. I double checked the packages and found that both say 60 cm…

Thanks Ingrid…that makes me feel better–and that’s a good point (no pun intended)!

OK if you are knitting something that is in circular and needs a 24" needle the ONLY possible problem I can see is that if there were a lot of stitches and they didn’t all fit on the cable - in that case tho I’d probably use a longer circ anyway. I found with bombshell it called for a 24" circ (in both sizes) and frankly when I had the max number of stitches on the needle I ended up swapping the cable from Denise to the bigger cable. I found it easier this way. When I needed to reduce and go back to a slightly shorter cable I switched back to the 24".

Now IMHO I don’t think the half inch will make such a big difference, however, being the kind of person I am if I pay for something I expect it to be what I paid for. If I received a 24" that was actually 22" or 23" I would suspect that it was a dud and request a refund.

I am particularly hard on things though and I do expect things to do as they say on the tin (ie actually BE 24" long). I’ve had to work hard to get my money, I’m not about to say its ok to pay for something and get second best, unless that is what I’m expecting. If he sold his needles as “seconds” then I’d think that was ok but he doesn’t, he is selling them as Addi Turbos and as the real deal.

I picked up my first ever Addi from a lady in Cornwall for £6 (including postage) that at todays exchange rate is roughly $11 - it may not have been the best deal on the planet but I bought it on a buy it now on ebay yesterday and it arrived in the post today.

Mulene, you receive packages faster than ever in London. The mail service must be awesome there. I think this is the second time I’ve read where you’ve ordered something on ebay and received it next day! You must be ordering from somewhere nearby?!?!?!

Thanks for your thoughts on the needle; if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve had enough of Jeff, I’d attempt to send it back. As it is, since that much of a different won’t likely matter, I’ll probably just keep it but mark it so I know which one it is.

I never had suspect anything about jeff’s addis and I bought a bunch. Hm, now you got me thinking. Call Addi company and ask them if they ever made anything 1/2 inches shorter than it should be, then tell them you have bought some and prove it to them with this photo. Is that a good approach?

I dunno…like I said, I’m not trying to suspect him–I wouldn’t even have noticed if I weren’t trying to label them. I’m metrically challenged so I was going through and labeling all of the plastic bags w/ a sharpie so that I could easily flip through and see what lengths I have. For all I know…the american ones could be too long…:slight_smile:

honestly i think it is the same issue with when you got to a store and try on two items that are exactly the same size and same item but they dont’ fit the same. i don’t know how they are produced but i would assume that there is some mass production involved. 1/2 inch shorter i wouldn’t (and don’t) worry about…yes i have some that are slightly different lengths. if it were longer it could potentially be a problem but like Ingrid said…if that much of a difference is an issue then you probably need a shorter needle anyway.

rofl not usually fast post - honestly I’ve lucked out very much twice. The addi came from Cornwall in the south west of England and the yarn well I’m not sure where that came from but she is an awesome ebay seller - will link to her tomorrow need sleep now! I get stuff delivered to work - its easier as business post gets priority here, honestly at home there are times I’d be lucky to see the postman once in a week.

I know what you mean about not bothering, sometimes its more hassle than it is worth and agree with Brenda about the trying things on the same size in a store to find one is smaller than the other. Lord knows we’ve all done that, but it seems odd for a standard thing like a needle :stuck_out_tongue: You could try the approaching addi idea - nothing to lose by giving them a shot =D

I ordered 2 needles not too long ago, one needle was great, the other had a really rough tip (like something had chewed on it) and a couple of spots that reminded me of the flux/soter? used to weld metal. I emailed to see about getting a replacement but didn’t get a reply back. I eventually just sanded the bump and tip, and it works good enough to use, but the coating on the needles-doesn’t feel the same as the ones I have bought from LYS.

I may have misread this, but you were comparing a European Addi needle to a US Addi (Turbo)? If so, I believe I remember reading that the American needles are in inches and the European needles are in cm. The conversions between cm and inches don’t always match exactly.

You may be right, beldie. Here’s the conversion according to my calculator:

60 / 2.54 = 23.62

So if the European needle is ~ .38" shorter, then that would make sense.

thanks for sharing–perhaps that would be the difference then.

Just measured my European Addi (60cm) and yep its 23 1/2" ish - there’s your difference :slight_smile: