Ever entered your State Fair

I would love to enter something this year but not sure I’ll meet the deadline. Have any of you ever entered anything in your state fair?

I wanted to enter the county fair, but I wouldn’t be in town when the items had to be picked up. Now that I have seen what WAS entered in the fair, I REALLY wish I could have submitted something. I don’t think I’ll do the state fair, 'cause I don’t want to schlep all the way to Syracuse.

What I really want is to move back to Iowa and enter things in the state fair. In the meantime, I’ll just have to watch the movie “State Fair”.:teehee:

ETA: The MN state fair will have published their rules, definitely in a brochure and possibly on a website, so you should see if you can find them. Your library may have them, also.

I enter every year with my crochet but this will be my first with knitting & I still don’t know what to make!.

I was JUST emailing about this with my guild. Its a Spinning and Waeving guild, but knitters are welcome too…anyhoo…

She emailed us all the entry stuff, and the only category for knitting is for the Senior Citizens. (55+)

Im not eligible to enter any knitting. (Im only 31) I can enter sewing and quilting. And cooking and photos. And sculpure, and painting.

But I dont want to. :pout:

We are all a little angry about this, and are trying to see if we can redo the requirements for maybe next year.

PaperGirl- that’s too bad…little do they know about all of us 30somethings that are into knitting!

We have lots of different categories that I can enter, so I’m going to try to do at least 1 if not two items. I’ve been able to find pictures of past winners on flickr so I have an idea what I am up against! There are lots of talented knitters here in MN!

Someone suggested I enter something last year, then I found out that a blue ribbon got you about 12 bucks. Not worth it.:rofling:

That sounds like our prize money here too Ingrid. Top place is usually $10 or $8. I certainly wouldn’t do it for the money…but I do want a ribbon! Being the glutton for punishment that I am I have decided to enter the lizard ridge afghan that I’m working on. That is, of course, if I can get it done in time. I’ve made a calendar with a timeline for completion allowing 4 days each for seaming, edging, and blocking/drying. I just need to whip up about 2 blocks a day and I’ll be just fine. Wish me luck!

There’s [B]no doubt[/B] that the Lizard Ridge will win!! Hurry!!!

I’ve never entered but I’ve thought about it, just for the ribbon possibility. And I’d think it would be good for the children to see that Momma can play too. [and loose if it came down to it!]

With my luck, they’d put my entry next to the Blue Ribbon winner and I have to break into the Fair in the middle of the night to steal my knitting back to avoid 2 weeks of humiliation.

Ever since I was at the county fair last weekend, looking at all the 4-H kids knitting projects and all the open class projects, I’ve been seriously thinking about entering something in both the state and the county fairs. It’s too late to enter something this year, but when I go down to state fair in three weeks, I will definitely look into it.

I was thinking about entering a few things into the state fair here in Indiana, but the deadline was the 30th of June. I didn’t find out until the 27th, and I left for vacation on the 29th. Oh well. Next year. I’d like to go see what kinds of things they have this year anyway, so I can see what the competition’s like.

I’d like to enter a pair of gloves I made for my ex-bf. Think he’d give them back if I asked? :teehee: