Ever end up with a long "tail" of yarn BETWEEN you

When i cast on, everything’s fine. But on like the 3rd turn (right, left, right again), as I pass the knots back onto the right needle, I also end up with a piece of yarn, attached to the yarn on both needles, between the two. As I continue, the longer it gets, until I finish the line and turn it around again. Then what do I do with that piece of yarn!!! I’ve looked in every book, and on websites, and it doesn’t say anything about your sweater growing a tail!!! Somebody, PLEASE HELP!!!

can you post a picture??

When you are knitting a row and get to the end, do you stop, and switch the needles in your hands, flipping your work around? As you knit the first row, all the stitches go from the left needle to the right. Then the needle with the stitches goes in your left hand with the point toward the right and the empty needle is in your right hand ready to knit?

The only way I can picture a long strand in the back is if you’re bringing the yarn across the back inadvertently.

As Hildie said, a picture would be best, but if you’re not switching the needles in your hands properly, that could do it to.

I think I know what might be happening. It might have to do with your cast-on. Are you just doing backward loop cast-on? That’s an easy one for new knitters. If so, that cast-on is verrrrrry loose. It causes a yarn “bridge” to form between your needles on the first row that just gets wider and wider as the row progresses.
To combat this, either use a different cast-on (preferred) or avoid letting your needle tips separate very much while working the first row. If you can get through the first row, you’ll have it made. That problem won’t recur with subsequent rows, just row 1.

Yvonne is correct, I’ve seen it happen while teaching knitting. Keep the needle tips close together, don’t pull them apart in order to tighten the stitch, or to inspect it. Don’t try to hurry, speed will come later with practice. Just get the feel for it first.