Ever been "Bested" by a pattern?

On Friday I started this pattern:
I spent all afternoon Friday and ALL day Saterday, Sunday morning I worked on it for about 3 hours. I COULD NOT GET IT TO COME OUT RIGHT!!! It’s a 28 row patttern with two colors that results in different colored diamonds on a white back ground. My first set came out perfectly, diamond perfect and background color as it should be.

I frogged, knit and refrogged the second set dozens of times and could never get it to work.

What makes this ESPECIALLY frustrating is that I consider myself an “experienced” knitter and this pattern is rated “easy”:tap:

There is nothing hard in this pattern, it is ALL knit stitch and slip stitch but each row has a different count. I have NEVER been so totally frustrated with a pattern in my life.

Were it not for the fact that the first 28 rows came out PERFECTLY, I would think there was a pattern error

I finally “gave up” and started a different patter but now I am really annoyed with myself. I can’t remember EVER giving up on a pattern!!! It is going to bug the neck out of me!

Ever had a pattern that “Bested” you??

When I was working on Jailbird and I almost gave up…but I had to go on…I just had to…

I got him done…he isn’t as perfect as I would have liked…but it was casting on 6 st on 3 dpns…Can’t handle it…

I feel your pain…!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOh, very cute!

I slid the blanket off the needles and stashed it, maybe I’ll give it another go after the frustration has died down a bit.

It took me about 7 tries to complete knitty’s Mon Petite chou so I can relate,just remeber you have not been beat as long as you try again.

Does that mean I can stick a pair of needles in it and throw it in the knitting basket and consider it “OTN’s”:thumbsup:

absolutely! I have a lace stole that I started about a year ago and haven’t looked at in about 6 mos. It’s still OTN!
When I was first starting cables, the Irish hiking scarf had me. I think I frogged that 15 or so times.

Oh how I feel your frustration on a pattern.:thud:Mine is the feather and fan pattern. I can’t get passed the second row on it, and believe me I have tried. I love the pattern but it sure hates me.
Every once in awhile I give it a try and hope one day I will get passed the second row.:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:


I knit and crochet plus other things. I got bested by a yarn and not the pattern. Would you believe it is alpaca yarn. I was crocheting an herringbone vest for my son with alpaca yarn and the stretch is unbelievable!! I have put the yarn down but hate doing so as I bought 10 / 50gms balls of two colors. I would like to make the vest but the yarn is frustrating me!!!:woohoo:

I’ll take that alpaca yarn and make something with it… :teehee:

The blanket I’m working on now… well I changed the beginning, it’s the round pinwheel, and I agree, Crycket, starting with that few stitches is near impossible… The pattern had you start with 5 and increase to 10, so I started with 10… and now it’s going great! So I think that might qualify as the pattern besting me…

And yarn has done the same thing, it was that pooch yarn… and eyelash yarn… I HATE that stuff! But was strange is I love Homespun… I know, I’m strange…

So yes I know what you mean! I don’t bat an eye at Experienced level stranding color work or lace, but knitting 5 stitches in the round, well that was too much…

And you haven’t giving up, it’s just Hibernating…

Have I ever been bested by a pattern? Um, yeah. Repeatedly. By lots of different patterns. I’m still an adventurous beginner, I guess you could say, knitting less than a year, but have crocheted for almost 40 years, so I still find it really frustrating when I can’t “get” the pattern.

And I’ve been bested by yarns, too, splitty ones. I have this really lovely cotton blend yarn, very silky and fine, that I picked up from a craigslist posting. It’s a discontinued yarn from Adriafil’s Fantasy collection, Cuba. UGH! The most splitty yarn I’ve ever used, at least on my Harmonies. A little less so on an Addi needle, with the more blunt tip. But still splitty. Gave up on the yarn entirely, it is now sitting unloved in my stash, awaiting opportunities to be traded on Rav’s Karma Yarn Swap forum.

Most recent bestings? Umm. Branching Out scarf and CE’s Princess Wrap - easy lace patterns, no can do. A made-up scarf pattern from a stitch library trellis stitch, no can do. Earlier this year, Hexacomb cardigan - forget it! And I won’t even talk about how many times I had to frog or tink to get through two modified (cropped) Dot Check cardigans (from the cover pattern of Creative Knitting’s early spring issue). Sigh…

Have you considered the possibility that the pattern [I]is[I] incorrect, and, experienced knitter that you are, you compensated for the inaccuracy without realizing it?

Yes, the sweet socks pattern. I frogged that first sock about 5 times in the beginning and countless times during the foot. I really had to concentrate and not let my mind wander.

Good luck with that adorable blanket!

I was trying to crochet my first afghan. I discovered that I can’t count.

:roflhard::roflhard: Don’t you hate it when you discover things like that?

There are three types of ppl in the world…those who can count…and those who can’t smiles

:rofl: OK that one almost went over my head…

And I thought I was the only one who could not!! Whoopee. Let’s create a ‘We Can’t Count Club.’ :woohoo:


Counting isn’t an issue for me but doing charts from right to left nearly drove me crazy the first time. Who said the odd numbers are the right side of the work and the even rows are the wrong side of the work. I will count numbers any day and chart read another time. If chart reading isn’t bad enough I have sons who read books from the back to the front,lol. The Japanese books (mature comics) read back to front. I don’t like watching them read as I read from the front of the book to the back and now I knit with charts from right to left which is like reading from back to front.:woohoo::roflhard:

Now see, I find charts to be a BREEZE, counting is totally beyond me. This pattern was ALL counting and I just couldn’t “keep up”. I fI had a chart to refer to I would have had it made!