Evangeline Fingerless Gloves

So, I’m a member on ravelry and found this great pattern (free) for fingerless gloves!

And they are very straightforward with a large centre cable.

So why am I here, you ask?

Well, last night I cast on for them, and after doing the 10 rows of ribbing (in the round, over 3 dpn), I worked the first row. And then as I was working the 2nd row of the cable pattern, I happened to look at my work and noticed that somehow… my knitting seems to be ‘inside the round’… hmmm… the pattern is ‘inside the tube’… not on the outside of the ribbed tube like it’s supposed to be…

how did I do that? and How do I stop doing that?

Thanks so much for any help at all in this… I really would love to work on these this weekend (my office is freezing already!)

This is very common when working in the round.
It is to do with how you position the needles relative to yourself. The simple way to remedy it is to push the tube rightside out by pushing it through the centre of your needles. then carry on knitting, it should now be the right way around. you wan the tube to be coming toward you, not away.

I swear that happens to me at the beginning of every knit-in-the-round project! Sophie is right, just turn it inside-out (or rightside-in, as the case may be) and keep going.


I am making those too for my daughter!

How are they turning out? I am still on the first one and miscrossed one of the cables- but they’re black & she said she can’t even tell.

I figured out that I was knitting backwards… so pushed my tube out, and started knitting as if I was just using a straight needle.

I’ve done one cable repeat and they’re looking great…

I"ll post images once there’s something to see… :inlove:

Thanks so much for your help!

And Renee, I can’t wait to see yours!!!

This website has pics of what knitting inside out and right side out look like.