Euroflax Linen

I :heart: the stuff. Seriously. But I refrain from buying because well… its a bit expensive (for me) at $19.00 per hank. :pout: Well, on my most recent foray to my new favorite not-so-LYS (an hour and a half drive on a good day!) I found their lovely tree of Linen where they are selling it in the most beautiful colors for… $12.50 per hank. :woohoo: So I bought 3 in a lovely shade of rose. And when I get paid this weekend I will be going back and getting…more. MORE. [size=6]MORE[/size] Muahahahahahahahahhaa. Oops. Sorry. Slipped into evil genius mode there for a sec. :doh: Meant to slip into gleeful knitter. :rofl: Hehe :teehee: (There! Thats better!)

Oh and I am making myself late for work contemplating all this lovely linen-y yarnfulness. I can NOT wait for Saturday.

evil knitting genius laugh was a great start to my Monday!! hahahahaha! and good on you for finding your favorite yarn on sale! MKZ

Thats the best part… It isn’t on sale. Thats their regular price. :happydance:

Notice I have wisely omitted the name and location of said shop of yarny goodness lest I return and find myself linen-less…

But seriously. I love that place. :teehee:

(Hunt Country Yarn in Middleburg, VA)