Eunny Jang's Ivy League Vest fair isle

I am restarting this (first attempt too small but gauge right) and want it less fitted and want to make the v-neck higher…has anyone attempted doing this? I am a decent knitter but usually stay “within the lines” so this is an adventure. I have checked out Ravelry and many have knitted this however I haven’t really been able to find any “instructions” for changing things…or else I simply haven’t been able to find them. Thanks so much, Banne

Hi and welcome!
There are several rounds of decreases for the waist so you could either not do any or only do some of these. The same for the bust shaping. You can do fewer increases there.
For the V-neck, if you have a V-neck sweater, you might compare to that or to a V-neck pattern on Ravelry that has the size you want. Otherwise, hold the sweater up to yourself and see if you can determine when you’ve reached a point you like for the neck to begin. It may take some paperwork to figure out how often to decrease at the neck to get the slope that you want.
It’s certainly a lovely pattern with wonderfully detailed Fair Isle patterns.

Thank you so much for your prompt reply and excellent suggestions! I am still on the ribbing but feel more comfortable now with your suggestions as I move up. Enjoy your day, Banne