I am interested on Etsy… and was wondering if someone could tell me some information about it.

Here are the questions I am interested in:

~Can you sell sewed items?
~How do you attract customers?
~Is it better to just make a website instead?
~Payment information
~Age to join
~Store Designs


You can sell anything handmade. I have a shop. (if you want to see what the site looks like you can go to…It only costs 40 per item. It’s very very easy to use and the listings are good for 4 months. Etsy gets a VERY small portion,money wise, on anything sold. It’s practically nothing. People can send you messages if they have questions. When you add a product they take you through every single step 1 screen at a time. They let you add 15 keywords so people can find your store. I was really surprised at the amount of people that see the stores and the amount of purchases. I sell winter stuff right now and I had many buys in just a couple of months. Your page will also tell you how many people have visited each of your products. One last thing that I just found 5 minutes ago is that if you have a blog (which i do) you can have a “feed” on your blog showing your items. For an example of what I mean you can see it at which is my page. It’s on the right side. I also just found out that etsy has an application on facebook. They just got that up and running. That’s extra advertising at no cost to you. That’s if your ON facebook.

It’s definetly worth the while…let me know if you have any questions.

Have a good one!

I have an Etsy store too and it’s great. You do have to be 18 and the stuff you sell has to be your own. You can’t use anyone else’s patterns in your sewing. I think it’s $.20 to list, not $.40 like Heather said but I could be wrong. It is a 3% charge on sold items and Etsy sort of does the advertising for you. I would encourage you to look at Etsy for a while before you jump in, the photographs need to be great because that’s all a customer has to go on. You will get great ideas on how to display items on Etsy from other sellers. I found the hardest part was the banner for my store. I had someone help me with it but you can even buy one from other Etsy members for about $5. Payment is super easy, you need a paypal account and that’s it.

You can check out my store too, convo me if you have any other questions. I would look around Etsy, the site is super user friendly and there is a great forum and blog on the site where there are answers to all your questions. The Etsy support staff is wonderful to, they respond within 24 hours and it’s an actual person responding to your questions, not just some automated response. I love it and would highly recommend it.

Good luck.