Etsy Yarn Shopping


As an avid knitter/crocheter and lover of yarn, I would like to start supporting the artisan’s who support themselves and our environment with their skills by purchasing their products.

I have chosen a seller for my first purchase but, would like to hear from others; who feel the same about buying yarn this way, of their experiences purchasing from these sellers, such as: the quality of and timely receipt of their purchases? How well the seller communicated through any problems/delays in the orders, etc. And any recommendations for sellers or lace weights and sock yarn that you are particularly happy with.

Thanks for any feedback in advance!


I’d be interested to hear what others have to say as well.

I love etsy!! I haven’t ran into any problems at all…everyone I’ve dealt with are very nice and fast… :happydance:

I love Etsy. nodnod Fantastic, unique stuff. <3!

I’ve purchased on esty a few times (yarn, stitch markers) and I have not had any problems with any of the sellers.

I want to buy yarn off etsy too! Anybody can sell on there, right? Or do you need a business license?

I bought a GORGEOUS row counter bracelet and matching stitch markers from “Hide and Sheep” on Etsy, and I absolutely love them! The seller was incredible- lots of emails keeping me updated, fast shipping, and although the stitch markers I wanted weren’t in stock, she made them for me and held the bracelet to mail them all together to save me some on shipping. It was still only a matter of a couple extra days.

I love etsy…I’ve bought lots of patterns off of there but no yarn yet. I am on a yarn diet too so I better stay away. I would love to know what your fav yarn dealers are on there.

I might have to check out the row counter bracelet…I do need one of those :slight_smile:

Nope, you don’t need a business license. The only caveat is it has to be handmade stuff that you’re selling. I’ve got a set of stitch markers & a bracelet row counter up for sale there.

…and now I’m off to look at yarn on etsy. That is so the last thing I need to do - I just bought almost $200 worth yesterday. I need therapy… :grphug:

Anyone can sell on etsy without a business license( I know somebody asked this above):wink: I sell handmade stitch markers, earrings and handyed blue faced leicester sock yarn (so soft) in my etsy shop, however it hasn’t quite taking off yet…I had 10 people purchase since I started that were very satisfied though:) I ship my yarn out as soon as possible and my customers always usually get it within three days of paying if not sooner and with every yarn purchase I include a free stitch marker to match the yarn…I like doing this because it looks so nice when I get it all packaged with ribbon and a handmade card it shows you care and appreciate their purchase:heart: I also try to support fellow crafter’s trying to make an honest living when I buy things…I feel it is better to support them than the factories…I mean after all they do ultimately work harder with each product and pay way more attention to detail than the machines do:wink: My latest thing is buying handmade necklaces from etsy…some are so nice and never had any trouble:inlove:

…To all for the input.

Abbily, I appreciate your naming a shop you like doing business with for me to check out.

KnitPixie and Newbie2knitting, I will certainly have a look at your shops as well for future purchases! :thumbsup: