Esty shop question

any one purchase yarn from this esty shop? it looks beautiful on screen, but i am a little shy about not being able to touch it… thanks

Look at the feedback from the seller to see what others have said.

I have to say those are some gorgeous colors. :drooling:

I know 3 people on another board who ordered from her all on the same day(begining of this month). One got her yarn really quickly last week, no problems. One just received her yarn today, and the yarn was pretty much mis-represented (yarn in picture on etsy site looked like it’s main color was red, IRL there was almost no red in the yarn.) the person behind mystical creations was rude to this girl in email, and was very slow to ship the yarn. The 3rd person still hasn’t recelved her yarn, and as far as I know, she dosen’t even know if the yarn HAS been shipped or not. Based on what these girls have experianced, I would not buy yarn from Mystical Creations.

At least a couple of us have ordered from them. I got my bulky silk/merino blend on Ebay. I didn’t have any problems, though I was a little disappointed that the yarn was kind of stiff. But I didn’t have any transaction problems.