Esther's shawl is finished,but

The present for my mother-in-law is finished, but…

i think it is not big enogh now… Before it was too big, and I decided make different border.(narrow)

This is a small variant of this shawl and then I will knit one more repeate(12 rows more) before border started.

I’m a little bit disapointed with this shawl, because I expected much more… and it looks very different from what I planed.

This is my second design on triangle shawl.

The size after blocking is 56 inches on long side.

I think I’ll rework on that after it dryed.

I think it’s beautiful!

Ooohh - I think that is just beautiful!:inlove:

It’s lovely! I’m so sorry it hasn’t turned out the way you expected, but unless it’s just way too small I think I’d leave it as is. It really is gorgeous. Did you modify an existing pattern, or is it your own design?

It looks quite attractive to me. Sorry, it did not come out as you wished. But I am sure your mother-in-law will still appreciate it.

Thank you, ladies!

This shawl is my own design.
I took the first stitch pattern from old knitting magazine(it was on vest) and I did other two stitch patterns with my imagination.

It is just exquisite and your mil is going to absolutely adore it just as it is. It is truly a work of art!

it is gorgeous, and she will love it! I like the border and don’t think you should change it. It will just be her ‘small shawl’ :slight_smile:

Wow, I think it is amazing !!!

Wow I think its just AMAZING!! the lace pattern it just BEAUTIFUL!!! your design is so pretty. i would love to make that

I am with the others, it is simply stunning!

However I do know what it is like to look at something and say, “but, but, but! That’s not what I meant!!!”

I still think I’m going to add 1 more repeating part and I’ll make border the same. Everything will be looks the same, only biger.

Esther’s birthday coming on september 30, so… i have time for reworking.

I’ll show more images with new look:)


It’s very pretty!!

…and it looks MUCH,MUCH better! I’ll show it tomorrow!:woot:

…with biger size

I think it is stunning! :inlove:

That is just lovely. I have never seen anything quite like it. I hope it works for your mother-in-law.

This is stunning :heart:, it looks so delicate and difficult to do.