Esther Smith Bozak Dog Sweater Question

I am almost finished with this sweater but have run into a “snag”. I am working in the round and my row marker is in the middle or between the leg holes. Next in the patter it wants me to cast off 22% of my stitches for the belly and then continue working for the back section of the sweater. The only problem is my row starts right in the middle of the belly stitches. How can I cast them off? If I cast off 1/2 at the beginning, work around and cast off the other 1/2 at the end…I will end up with a loop right in the middle with a gap on either side of the one loop. I then thought maybe I should put the first stitches to be cast off on a stitch holder, work around and cast them all off together…but then I would have a long string coming from the center over to my new first stitch. I don’t know. Please Help!!! :wall: I have contacted Esther…I was just hoping I would get a quicker response here.

If you bind them off all at the same time, you can begin wherever those 22% of stitches start whether it’s at the beginning of the round or not. So half of them would be before the marker and the other half would be after the marker. If you do it that way, your working yarn would then be at the right place in order to keep knitting on the stitches that remain.

Right, I understand the part of binding them off all at the same time, I would like to do that, but how? If I knit from the beginning and knit around then bind off the 22% then I will be on two different rows. So how do I bind them off?

Is this the pattern? Were you going to use the flat or steek method?

I’d do like knitqueen suggested, bind off half of your 22% of your stitches before the round marker, continue to bind off the other half after the marker, and start your new row once you have finished binding off.

If you’re knitting in the round, it’s not like binding off on two different rows. Knitting in the round is like knitting in a continuous spiral so even if you bind off over your beginning of round marker, all of the bind off stitches will still be in line. So knit until however many stitches before your marker which would be half of your total bind off stitches, start binding off and continue on past the marker until you have bound of the right # of stitches. It works, trust me!

I get it now. :oops: I am new to knitting. I just wanted to do it “right”. Yes, gardenmommy…that is the pattern I am talking about. I didn’t understand it was like a spiral. :teehee: It now makes sense to just do it at the end of the “row”. Thank you for taking the time to explain it to me. I really do appreciate it!!! :hug: