Estes Park Wool Market pictures

Howdy folks,

We headed up into the mountains this weekend and spent Saturday at the Wool Market in Estes Park, CO. Being the first time I’ve ever been to one of these, I will totally overwhelmed and had an absolutely wonderful time.

I got a heady load of yarn and saw some amazing sights. First the yarn, then I’ll update the thread with some animal pictures later. Enjoy the pr0n.

[B]100% alpaca by Switzer Land Farm - one 8oz skein and two 2oz skeins[/B]

[B]Fine lace weight yarn by Yarn Place - in a gorgeous melon color, 45% tencel and 55% merino. Approx 4.2oz, 3100 yds.[/B]

[B]Acero by Brooks Farm - Superwash wool, silk and viscose. Approx 4oz, 420 yds - in a gorgeous dark orange rust shades.[/B]

[B]Painted Wuxi by Textiles A Mano - 50% silk and 50% wool - Approx 660yd in shades of brown and green.[/B]

[B]100% hand-dyed alpaca by A Star - approx 665 yd in browns and rust and bronze.[/B]

Phew! That’s it. Good thing I haven’t bought yarn in a while. I have a project in mind for all of them so they’re destined to become more than pretty cuddly objects sometime in the near future :lol:

Oh they are all so beautiful :inlove: Have fun knitting!!!

:inlove: It’s all so pretty! I especially like the one with the browns and greens.

stunning colors! i specially love that coral lace wow! :inlove: can’t wait to see what they all become:drool:

those are gorgeous!!! wow!

rrrrrr…:drool::drool::drool: That’s a stash you’ve built there :cheering:


those yarns look soft and scrumptious! you picked some lovely lovely yarns. what will you do with the melon laceweight?

i hope next year we are able to make a trip up to estes park for the next one.

Yes, they’re all quite lovely aren’t they? I’ve been taking them out several times a day to admire :slight_smile:

The lace weight is an absolutely stunning color, even better in real than the pic. It will grow up to become a large rectangular shawl. I’m thinking I’ll pick a pattern from VLT and change the cast-on numbers for the size I want. I’ll try swatching with size 0 and go down if needed.

As promised, here are a few more pictures. I have a ton of them so it’s kind of hard to choose. I’ve tried to pick the interesting ones.

[B]The cutest little baby alpaca.[/B]

[B]A leaping llama![/B]

[B]A sheep bring shorn.[/B]

[B]Gorgeous yarn everywhere![/B]

[B]Beautiful day at Estes Park.[/B]

[B]Oh and there’s me petting an adorable baby angora rabbit.[/B]

ahhhh! it looks like so much fun; sheep shearing and alpacas! i know those grounds; its right by the lake. horses are kept there and the high school is nearby. oh i miss estes park!

you look so happy to have that baby bunny in your lap. thank you for sharing. that pic of the mountains in the background of my favorite kind of fair made me swoon especially. :heart:

wow! Thanks for the pictures. I’m going to have to find out if they do anything like that around here.