Estate Sales?

OK - I’ve heard of a few people hitting the yarn/craft jackpot by shopping estate sales. I think I could drag my DH to them because he loves to refurbish stuff but where do you find the advertisements for these? Right now we only get a Sunday paper (for the Jo-Ann’s & Michael’s coupons of course :smiley: ) is there a special section in the paper to find these things or a website?

In our town there is a huge garage sale section in Friday’s paper (in the Market Place section). Estate sales and auctions are usually listed there too.

PS - your name made me giggle :rofling:

Does your local paper have an online version? Might check there for classifieds.

Also, auction houses listed online in your area.

Happy hunting!

Ours is right below the garage sale section of the classifieds, which I read online.

I’ve not hit any huge jackpots, yet, but I’m hopeful. :pray: I did get a bundle of straight needles for fifty cents, once. There were only two matching pair out of the whole lot, but I considered that well worth fifty cents! :mrgreen:

My biggest find was a cone (nearly two pounds) of a lambs wool/alpaca blend fingering yarn for a dollar at Goodwill. :cheering: I haven’t decided what to do with it yet, but I used a tiny crochet hook, as I didn’t yet have tiny knitting needles, and crocheted a swatch to see if it would felt, and it felted wonderfully. I’m thinking of maybe dying it with Kool-Aide, then knitting a bag to felt. I just can’t decide. :thinking:

I want to check out knitting stuff next time we’re at the flea market. I still have yet to make it to some Goodwill’s.

Today, I thought I was going to score big on some knitting books…but no. :frowning: There is a HUGE book fair going on here this weekend…one of the biggest in the midwest…and there’s over 800,000 books! You think there would be ONE book on knitting right?? Ugh, nope! I could only find a couple crochet magazines from the 70’s. Then again, the place was quite disorganized, so there might have been a couple somewhere. But my boyfriend says he’ll just take me to the damn bookstore. :happydance:

It’s now my mission to actually read the paper and not just scan for the coupons! With nice weather coming I plan to be a bargain hunter this summer!

P.S Nuno930 - “Suziehomemaker” came from my Dad. I made him a pair of wool socks and he just looked absolutely shocked with my new-found love/talent for knitting. He said “Aren’t you just the little Suziehomemaker now?!?” with amazement in his voice. I was a bit of a tomboy growing up if you couldn’t tell by his reaction . . .