Errrr, I'm frustrated!

I’m new to knitting, just started about a month ago when I broke my leg. I sent my mom to get me yarn and needles so I could practice and all I have done is one dishcloth (plus practicing different techniques, etc). I ordered several yarns and interchangeable needles and cables from an online source (since I still can’t walk much and didn’t want to shop) to be able to start a baby blanket. I’ve waited so patiently for my supplies to arrive, and today was the big day! I opened everything and got it set up, casted on 158 stitches and went to attach the second needle (I was just using one of the end pieces until then) and it DIDN’T FIT!! I don’t know what the problem is…it just is too big/loose, doesn’t screw on, just slides on and off. I tried it on both cables that I receive, all ends and it just doesn’t work. I’m so depressed about it because I need something to do!

Are these things completely interchangeable, or only certain systems (I’m wondering if I could buy other needles to fit the cable at the store)? I could send it back, but it only cost like $6 and I’d have to pay to send it back…and wait all that time.

I just wanted to share my frustration since nobody in my home gets it/cares.

OTN: 158 cast on stitches…that’s it! Ha ha

You didn’t say what kind you bought, but I’m assuming it’s Knitpicks Options? Did you buy the whole set or just some tips and cables? If you have more than one cable try using that instead. Also try screwing on the other needles onto the cable in question. See if you can narrow down where the problem is. I know it’s frustating, even more so in your situation.

Either way Knitpicks has great customer service and will replace them promptly and for free. Here is the toll free number.

[B]Knit picks - 1-800-574-1323[/B]

And no, no interchangeable needle brands work together.

Bummer. (Both about your leg and the needle.) So far I’ve had a 12mm Nickel refuse to screw onto the cable (the threads wouldn’t catch) and last night I discovered a 4mm Harmony that’s in the same fix. I need to sit down and go through both kits and try out every single tip to see if there are any more so Get Knitted won’t have to keep sending out packages…

How very frustrating. As Jan says, KP is very good at replacing the things, so do call them. In the meantime, can someone go get you a set of circs in the right size to use?

that is a pain!

Try other needle tips on the cable to see if it is a cable problem or a tip problem. Then try customer services. Most complanies are very good about picking up the cost of shipping if it is for a faulty item. In the meantime, if the other needle sizes are working, this is a perfecxt opportunity to cast on for anither project :slight_smile: you can never have to many projects!


i can’t help you…but i did want to say i was nosy and visited your blog…i LOVE the crayon idea! i’m going to stop at ac moore today to see if they have the alphabet silicon thingys…you are an extremely creative person!