Error in pattern st count?

I’m currently knitting the Ezekiel cardigan,


and am having a stitch count issue. I’m hoping a second pair of eyes can help.

I am knitting the 1x size. this size calls for casting on 50 stitches. After completing the sleeve cuff, the pattern progresses to the charted bit of the pattern and the increases. The pattern calls for a total of 30 stitch increases, or two per row for 15 rows. This would equal the required 80 stitches the pattern calls for at the end of the sleeve completion.

My confusion lies in the first line of instructions for the sleeve:

(RS: K [13] [13] [16] [16] [18] [18] [20] [20] [23] PM, Work Tree of Life Chart, PM, [M1, K 12] [M1, K 12] [K 16] [K 16] [M1, K17] [M1, K17] [K 20] K [20] [M1, K22] WS: Purl to marker; Work Tree of Life Chart; purl to end. Leaving a 2 stitch selvedge, work all increases in the stitch below at both the beginning and end of increase rows according to size.

For the size I am making the pattern indicates [M1,K17] in the first row. The following row begins the pattern increases. I believe M1 means “Make One”, or create a new stitch. Won’t the M1, in addition to the other 30 stitch increases called for make the total sleeve stitch count for my pattern 81 stitches, not the required 80?

Thank you for the assistance!

Yes, depending on the stitch count for the Tree of Life chart, it sounds like the stitch count should by 81. One stitch more or less probably won’t make a big difference. You can double check by adding up the stitches in the sleeve cap and bind offs.