Error in knitting - please help! :)


Please can someone tell me where I’ve gone wrong here?! It doesn’t look right but can’t work out what I’ve done. Just at the edge. Thank you x

Welcome to KH!
It looks quite good. Have you washed and blocked it yet?

I haven’t yet, would that help? Its just up from the bottom on the left it looks wrong somehow…but maybe just me bring critical?

We are often our own worst critics. I’m not seeing the problem.
Blocking has a wonderful way of evening out stitches. Everything seems to look better afterwards.

Thank you for your response. I will try that and see how it looks, I have circled where I feel I have made a mistake :slight_smile:

Hi. That’s a garter st border, yes? If so, it looks like you purled when you should knitted those last couple of stitches.

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Stupid auto correct… Anyway, I don’t think anyone is going to notice it unless you tell them. If that’s the tail end and it really bothers you, you can always rip back. But if it’s the beginning, I wouldn’t bother. Alternatively, you could take some yarn and a tapestry needle and “knit” over those couple of purl sts and see how it looks. It may, or may not, blend better. If not, you can pull the yarn out.

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Yes a garter stitch border…ah that’s what it could be! Thank you, it was bugging me trying to work out what I’d done! thank you

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Might give this a try, thank you!